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Car magnets are completely safe to use on a car. The metal of the magnet does not interact with the paint of the car. Car magnets are specifically designed to be placed on a car with no damage.

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Q: Do car magnets damage paint after prolonged use?
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Can car chalk damage car paint?

Yes. The car will be damage when you write it as hard as you can.

Are advertising magnets for your car safe for the paint?

Advertising magnets are generally safe for your vehicles paint as long as care is taken while displaying them. You should try to limit moving the magnets while they are attached to avoid scratching the paint in any way. Care should also be taken when applying and removing the magnets this should be done often to clean any residual dirt and grime build up from around the magnets and on your car. With the proper care steps being followed advertising magnets shouldn't pose a hazard to your car's paint job.

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What is Car Ceramic Paint Protection does it really protect car paint from damage?

Car Ceramic Paint is able to protect your car's paint surface from sunlight, harmful chemicals and further scratches.

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CAN rubbing alcohol DAMAGE CAR Paint?

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Can you use a acid brush to wash a car?

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