Do bidders know the amount of a reserve in place at an auto auction?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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not that I have ever heard of - what would be the point?

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Q: Do bidders know the amount of a reserve in place at an auto auction?
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What is a static auction?

A static auction is run online. The seller sets the reserve price and this allows the bidders to place bids around the clock, if desired. Ebay is one example of a static auction.

What is Proxy Bid and Its Role in an Auction?

Proxy bidding is a system used in auctions to allow participants to place automatic bids on items without continuously monitoring the auction. In simple words, it means you can set a maximum bid you're willing to pay for an item, and the auction platform will automatically increase your bid in predetermined increments on your behalf, up to your maximum limit, as other bidders place their bids. The role of proxy bidding is to simplify the auction process for bidders and increase the chances of winning an item at the lowest possible price. When you enter your maximum bid, the system ensures that your bid increases incrementally over competing bids until your limit is reached. This way, you don't have to keep monitoring the auction and manually place new bids every time someone outbids you. In summary, proxy bidding is an automated feature that helps bidders save time and make more competitive bids, enhancing their chances of winning an auction item at a favorable price.

Babe Ruth Boston Red Sox 151 rookie card what is it worth?

I recall reading about an auction taking place, where this card would begin selling for $75,000.00 (75k) I'm guessing that's the beginning auction price, and could skyrocket to a quarter million dollars, or more... depending on the bidders.

What are the release dates for My First Place - 2007 Lowball Bidders Get Lucky 16-15?

My First Place - 2007 Lowball Bidders Get Lucky 16-15 was released on: USA: 20 August 2011

Can the auctioneer bid at an auction?

In some cases, an auctioneer may be allowed to bid at an auction, but this must be clearly disclosed to all participants before the auction begins. The auctioneer's bids are typically referred to as "house bids" and are used to stimulate competition among bidders. It is important for the auctioneer to follow all regulations and guidelines to ensure transparency and fairness during the auction process.

What do game wardens do with the items they confiscate?

I am unsure about Game Wardens but with police i know that they place it under impound and then after a certain amount of time they place it for auction

How much would a misprinted deck of Bicycle playing cards sell for?

It is hard to say what a collector would pay. Place it in an online auction and find out. You can always put a reserve on it (minimum amount you would accept). It's unlikely to be much though as USPCC sells misprinted decks of Bicycle playing cards known as "Seconds".

What happens if there is only one bidder at an auction?

Even if the auction would have been won by the one bidder, the property would not have truly been the winner! (Because they are still short of the reserve price.) Many auction terms state that the vendor may place one bid on their own behalf, which must be disclosed. It is an additional reserve charge. So the vendor might make a single higher bid. If you are looking for any Tender Submission website. Then I would highly recommend the Tender Impulse Website. I hope this answer will be beneficial for you. THANK YOU!

What is a place where cattle is sold?

A salebarn, auction mart, livestock auction, etc.

Can you offer a lower price in Ebay?

You can place a bid for a lower price, but it will not be accepted. There is a minimum price set by the seller, and a reserve price sometimes set. If you bid below the minimum, it is not allowed. If you win an auction below the reserve price, the seller can refuse it. If you underbid the current high bid, it will be rejected. Rarely, the reserve price is below the opening sale price, so try it and see what happens.

Where could a highest buyer for the oil painting 'Curious Onsite Scene' by Henry Cleenewerck be located?

The buyer willing to pay the most for the painting cited might be found at an auction. But most auctions don't let you have a "minimum price" or "reserve" figure in place, which is where unless a given minimum is met, you don't have to sell it. Auction services take a large percentage from sellers. There is the online auction eBay, which will let you place a reserve price on an item, and you won't have to sell it if that minimum is not met. But they get paid, too. And though their readership is large, how will a collector find such a work as this one by looking for it on eBay? You may have to give in to a gallery and let them "market" this piece for you. They have connections you can't hope to gather. And they get paid for their services. If you really do have such a work and you want to sell it for the maximum amount of money you can get, you will never get enough for it. In any case, good luck.

What is the place where slaves were sold to the highest bidder?

A slave market or a slave auction.