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Your Insurance Agent can best advise you of the laws in your state. Each U.S. state regulates it's own insurance industry so the rules may vary from state to state.

No, Auto Insurers are not allowed to make up there own rules and there are no required grace periods under the law.

In most U.S. states, If your policy is cancelled due to non payment of premium to the company, they are required to send you a 10 day notice prior to cancellation. It's not a grace period it's just a 10 day notice. This confuses many people and gives some the impression of grace period.

If your policy has simply expired and renewal premium was not submitted then the policy term is ended, it would not be considered cancelled and no additional notice would be required.

In most U.S. states, If the company of it's own volition decided not to renew your policy they are required to notify you 30 days before expiration of the current policy that they will not be offering you a renewal.

These are General rules in Most U.S. states but may vary from state to state.


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Q: Do auto insurance companies have a grace period by law or do they make their own rules?
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Do usaa have a grace period for car insurance?

All insurance companies must abide by the same rules and regulation as far as grace periods and cancellations as all other companies in the same state. In my state a company must give a 10 day notice on a cancellation for a regular monthly payment. Where you have to be careful is when you have a renewal period. If you have a renewal date then you will not have any grace period or extra coverage after the policy period ends.

What is the grace period for foremost insurance?

It may not only be determined by the insurance company rules but also by the state laws and regulations where you reside. In Georgia the rules are usually the same for all companies as determined by the State mostly. In a situation whereby you miss a payment you will have 10 days from the day the insurance company mails you a cancellation notice. This is not from the day that you receive the notice but from the day that the notice is mailed to you. On a renewal situation you have no grace period and the policy will expire on the last day of the policy if payment is not made before that date. For instance if your have a 1 year policy whereby it runs from March 1 to March 1 then you will not have a grace period if the renewal payment is not made before March 1st. Most insurance companies will reinstate the policy if you postmarked the policy before March 1st but legally they do not have to do this.

Does one need to be covered under the parents' insurance when one just got her or his learners permit?

It depends on the insurance companies rules.

Can two people hold two life insurance poicies on the same person with different companies?

YES, you can have multiple insurance policies, from different companies or even from the same company. Each company has it's own rules of how much life insurance someone can get. You can get quotes from multiple companies and have life insurance policies issued simultaneously from different companies. You should work with an insurance agent that has access to multiple insurance companies and can advise you what requirements each company has, and the limits they are willing to issue for life insurance.

Are the Medicare supplement insurance rules different in California than in other states?

No the medicare rules are federal and will not be changes state to state. You may be thinking of medical which is a state program only. Well, yes and no. There are federal laws that all supplement insurance plans must follow, but the insurance companies who sell these plans are also subject to state insurance rules.

Your spouse and you are with different insurance companies Is there any rules governing which insurance your child should be with mine or my spouse's?

I'd compare coverage and rates and see what is the most advantages for you.

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The insurance companies have certain rules and restrictions. They have the right to refuse policies and coverage to people on certain medication including sleeping pills.

What if one insurance company mine not at fault said the car is a total loss but the other insurance company the at fault said they can fix it?

As far as i know the not at fault Insurance decision will prevail over the the one at fault. Besides there are certain "rules" that all insurance companies goes by when they take a determination whether or not a car is totaled. If by any chance the insurance companies can't agree they go to an arbitrary service provided by state for insurance companies and they can come to a decision.

Is a cancelled fire insurance policy reinstatable?

You should contact your Insurance Company and ask them. Different Insurance companies have their own rules. Some will but they are gonna have a time limit or may require you reapply for a new policy. You just have to ask.

Is there a number of accidents for a certain length of time where an insurance company will drop you?

All insurance companies are different with their own set of rules in regard to when you are more of liability and they decide to drop you. Check with your own insurance company for a more specific answer.

Can your boyfriend and you get on the same medical insurance?

For individual coverage, probably not. Group plans yes, if you qualify under the companies rules as a domestic partner, if they allow it.

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