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They may in your state...ask your insurance agent.

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Q: Do any insurance companies give you a discount for having a home inventory?
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If someone hits your parked car does your insurance go up?

In most cases it would not go up. However, some insurance companies give a discount for having no claims and in that case any claim at all would make you loose the discount.

Will my children be eligible for a good student discount if they are home schooled?

Yes, even if they are home schooled, they are still eligible for a discount from auto insurance companies. But having good grades is not a guarantee that he'll automatically qualify for a lower insurance premium. He or she still must maintain a clean driving record.

Does having a DUI prevent you from having the good drivers discount after 10 years?

Most insurance companies only use the last 5 years of your driving record to determine your premium. But it is really up to them to determine how long they want to consider your DUI when calculating your insurance rate.

What insurance companies reward their customer for having a clean driving record?

Nowadays, almost all of the major car insurance companies will reward their customers for maintaining clean driving records. They do this by either giving discount on the premium price or by issuing a refund check for a percentage of the premium paid.

What are the advantages of zero inventory?

Having no inventory means that your company doesn't have millions of dollars in product sitting around the warehouse. Companies with no inventory are leveraging a competitive advantage.

What discounts are available for commercial auto insurance?

Most insurance companies offer a discount of 5% to 15% on commercial auto insurance polices, when more than one vechicle is insured. Other circumstances, such as having more than one policy with the same insurer can qualify you for further discounts.

What can I do to qualify for a discount on my vehicle insurance?

I would check with my insurance agent. Personally, I get discounts for having home owner insurance, multiple cars, and, defensive driving.

What insurance carriers offer the best Home & Car policy discounts?

Most companies offer a discount for having both Home & Car policies. I would suggest checking out the lrgest company,State Farm.

Can your car get reposessed for not having insurance?

Not usually. Most companies will add coverage for the insurance which is usually higher than you will pay at most companies. This is called forced place insurance.

What type of business would benefit from having haulage insurance coverage?

Shipping or transport companies would benefit from having haulage insurance. Haulage insurance covers damages in transportation of good, so the shipping companies would want it.

My husband and I are seniors. Which is better for us, a dental insurance plan or a dental discount plan?

Dental insurance may be very expensive. If you have a history of not having many dental problems then a discount plan may be better for you and your husband.

What are the rates for swinton insurance?

Rates for swinton insurance are variable just like any other insurance company but they do offer perks and discounts such as up to a %65 discount for having no claims.