Do any cargo vans have three seats?

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No. No US cargo vans come in a three seat configuration. Some are available as an 8 or more passenger vehicle. None offer three seats, nor do any offer a front bench seat. Sorry.

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Q: Do any cargo vans have three seats?
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Are there cargo vans that are good as family vans?

There are currently four types of cargo vans available. They do not come with seats because they are made for the commercial use of hauling stuff. However, any cargo van can be converted into a family style vehicle by installing seats in the cargo area.

Have there been any recalls for cargo vans?

There have been no recent recalls on cargo vans. Toyota has had the most recent recalls. There have been no recent recalls on cargo vans. Contact your manufacturer if you have concerns.

Is there any cheap cargo vans in my area for sale ?

When looking for cargo vans, I would suggest you try searching for Commercial Auto Dealerships and then inquire about and deals they may have for cargo vans and if they are not able to help, ask if they might refer you to a reasonable priced dealer.

Which dealerships sell cargo vans?

Although dealerships like Mercedes and Chevrolet will have an outlet that specializes in cargo vans and bigger forms of transport, it can be found at any general motor dealership.

What makes a cargo van unique from any other type?

A cargo van is a variation of a full size van. Cargo vans usually have empty space behind the front seats to aid in transporting materials. The other type of full sized van is a Wagon. They specialize in transporting passengers comfortably.

Are there any cargo vans for sale in Arizona?

There are a number of vans to meet your requirements in the state of Arizona. Search dealerships, used car dealerships or even auctions places to find what your specifically searching for.

Which major car rental companies offer cargo vans to rent?

Most of the top companies for renting any kind of vehicle will rent cargo vans. Those companies include Budget, Avis, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Also, Ryder and Penske offer these services.

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Does Enterprise have any van rentals or do they only have cars and trucks in their fleet?

Enterprise has vans for rent but availability depends on the location. Call around your area and ask, let them know if you want to carry passengers or cargo.

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Where can one find out about Cargo Van rental?

Almost any car rental place offers cargo vans, make sure to call ahead to make sure that vehicle is available. Try car rental places such as Enterprise, Avis, U-Haul, Penske, Budget, or Ryder truck rentals.

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