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You don't have to pay for the CARFAX at your local dealer. If you are buying a car I would ask the dealer to run the carfax for you - they often have memberships and can run as many reports as they like for no additional cost.

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Q: Do I have to pay for a CARFAX report at my local used cars dealers?
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Which car dealers sell used cars?

Many specialist car dealers sell used auto mobiles. There may also be a limited number of used vehicles at auto malls. Local dealers can be found by searching local advertisements or looking online. Try TrueCars,, or To run used cars VIN for history reports, try carfax or autocheck or carfax report alternative like You can use their discount coupon.

Carfax provides a free report of what?

Carfax provides a free report of the cars at the dealership you are willing to buy from. For more information on what a Carfax provides, check out their official website.

Are classic cars available from local dealers?

Most classic cars are not available for purchase from typical local dealers. However, you can find them by finding a dealer that specializes in classic cars

Where can one find dealers of used cars in Winnepeg?

There are many used car dealers in Winnipeg. Some dealers sell trucks, some sell cars. Search the classified ads of the local paper, or talk to friends, for a local dealer.

Where can I investigate pre owned cars?

Carfax is a great service that gives you an honest report on pre-owned cars and their conditions. Also dealerships may be able to give you a history of pre-owned cars that you are interested in.

Are pre-owned Subaru cars reliable?

Yes, for the most part, pre-owned Subaru cars are reliable. When you go to any type of pre-owned dealer, it is best to ask for a carfax. Dealers have the ability to provide these for free.

Where can I find information about auto classifieds?

The best source of information for used cars are your local dealers. These local dealers typically place ads on the Sunday papers or Sunday circular inserts in your local paper.

Where can one get cars with bad credit?

You can get cars with bad credit through Car Hop, Car Leasing Secrets, New Ride Loan, Cars Direct, Auto Trader and at local car dealers. Most local dealers offer programs to help those who have poor credit.

On which website can I find a car report for a used car?

You can use carfax because it is very reliable and has a variety of used cars that have background checks. New cars are added everyday, they are priced very well and they are honest.q=

Do dealers sell auto trader cars and can I get a car fax report?

Yes, dealerships does sell auto trader cars. You can also get a car fax report from any of the car dealerships. If you visit Car Max they give you a free auto report with the auto trader cars.

Where can I get a car history report?

It depends on how old your car is and what your looking to find out. With older cars your probably out of luck (2000s and older) but with newer cars you can check the CarFax report and it will tell you if your car has been wrecked or not. They do cost money, and honestly I wouldn't worry about it unless you have a specific reason to check.

Where can one find used cars for sale?

The best place to look would be in your local paper on the wanted section or to call your local car dealers. A list of your local dealers can be easily found in the yellow pages of your phone book.