Did ktm make the first enduro dirt bike?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. In fact the Yamaha MX 80 was the first Enduro bike.

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Q: Did ktm make the first enduro dirt bike?
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What is an enduro bike?

An enduro bike is specialised for nature of the sport, with the deep suspension of a motocross bike combined with the features required to make it legal for the public road portions of the course. Engines are generally single-cylinder two stroke between 125 and 300cc. or four stroke between 250 and 650cc. It really is a mix of a road bike and a dirt bike. it has the knobby tires and suspension of a dirt bike, but the characteristics of a road bike too.

What is the best brand of dirt bike and why?

Brand wise, it is KTM. The make a wide varity of dirt bikes in both two and four strokes. They have everything from kid's bikes to enduro bikes to MX bike. They are by far the best.

250 1991 suzuki enduro what kind of motor is enduro?

"Enduro" means a kind of racing, or the kind of motorcycles used for enduro racing. Enduro motorcycles designed for both off-road and road use. So the are similar to dirt bikes but also have headlights, tail and brake lights and turn signals, and whatever else is required to make them usable on a road. The actual motor may be exactly the same as that used on a pure dirt bike of the same displacement.

What materials was used to make the first dirt bike?

all the materails used today for dirt bikes

How do you start dirt bike?

First make sure the bike is in neutral and push kick start down on right side of the bike.

What kind of dirt bike do you have?

no make

what kinda dirt bike is it what is the make and year i know it a venom motor ?

what kinda make model and years is my dirt bike

What kind of dirt bike made?

they make oil to petrol thats why the is dirt

Who benefits from having a dirt bike?

Dirt Bike riders, the state (From tax revenue) and the aftermarket companies that make parts for the bikes.

Are you going to create a dirt bike that runs on water?

this is Justin L Sellers and i AM going to make a dirt bike that runs on water

How do you get a dirt bike licnse? How-to-make-a-dirt-bike-street-legal If you don’t know the proper steps on how to make a dirt bike street legal, Go to our site to know more. Here We provide information about all type of gear information, and review. We try to provide information about all type of gear like Gas dirt Bike, ATVs, Three Wheeler, Four Wheeler, Motocross, Motorcycle, etc for our visitor.

Can you ride dirt bike on side walk?

You may want to know if you can ride your dirt bike on a sidewalk. Anyone that has one ask police first. Then make sure no ones on the sidewalk then maybe you can. You can be asking if you have permission to ride a dirt bike on the side walk, or if the dirt bike will function right on the sidewalk. Like the above comment you have to ask a cop and not ride when to much people are there. The bike will function right but might jump high if you go over a bump.