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Tom, Jordan, and Nick traveled to New York City in Gatsby's yellow car with Tom as their driver

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Q: Describe the driving arrangement that brings the five characters into the city in The Great Gatsby book?
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Who are the characters form The Great Gatsby?

Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan are the main characters

Who was driving Gatsby's car and who was with him in chapter 7?

In Chapter 7 of "The Great Gatsby," Gatsby is driving his car with Daisy in the passenger seat. Tom Buchanan is driving his coupe with Jordan Baker and Nick Carraway as passengers. Daisy is not comfortable with Gatsby's reckless driving, foreshadowing the tragic events that occur later in the story.

How did myrtle die in The Great Gatsby?

She was hit by a car driven by Daisy, but everyone else thought Gatsby was driving it.

Why does george shoot Gatsby?

In the novel, George Wilson shoots Gatsby because he believes that Gatsby was driving the car that killed his wife, Myrtle. However, Gatsby was actually not driving the car, Daisy Buchanan was. George is consumed with grief and seeks revenge, ultimately leading to Gatsby's death.

What adjective does nick use to describe Gatsby's handwriting?

Nick describes Gatsby's handwriting as "romantic."

What The Great Gatsby characters do for pleasure?

The characters go to Gatsby's parties, go to lunch/tea together, and go to each others houses to drink and hang out mostly.

Why is Nick trouble when she rides into town with Gatsby here?

Nick learns that Daisy was driving the car, not Gatsby.

What are the driving arrangements on the way back to long island great gatsby?

After Gatsby's death in "The Great Gatsby," Nick Carraway drives Gatsby's car back to Long Island accompanied by Gatsby's father. Tom Buchanan and Daisy Buchanan take a separate car back home. Daisy is driving Gatsby's death car with Tom and Nick in it, while Gatsby's father follows in a separate car.

Who was driving the death Car Great Gatsby?

Daisy Buchanan was driving Gatsby's yellow car and hit Myrtle with the side of it. Daisy was driving the 'death car' though she allowed Gatsby to take the blame for the horrific death of Myrtle.

Why is Nick trouble when he rides into town with Gatsby here?

Nick knows that Daisy was the one driving the car, not Gatsby.

How does nick react when he he realizes gatsby's innocence?

When Nick thought Gatsby was driving the car that killed Myrtle, he was disappointed and disgusted with the whole group of people. When he finds out that Gatsby is innocent he tells Gatsby that he is better than Daisy, Tom and Jordan.

Describe the Bunchanans' house in the book The Great Gatsby?

The Buchanan's house in The Great Gatsby is described as a large, imposing mansion located in East Egg. It features lavish furnishings, elaborate gardens, and a sense of old wealth and aristocracy. The house symbolizes the opulence and superficiality of the characters who inhabit it.