Could you make an auto gasket?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sure you can pretty much make most of them except for the head gasket

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Q: Could you make an auto gasket?
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How do you make an auto gasket?

just use liquid silicon gasket from local auto supply store. you can also buy gasket material at your local auto parts store it comes in various thicknesses and applications as far as making it you can use the old gasket as a pattern or trace it out from the part cut with nscissors or rasor blade and use a punch for the holes

Could you make your own gasket and how?

You can buy sheets of gasket material (usually cork) and trace out the gasket you need then cut it out with a pen knife. I've even used a piece of leather to make gaskets with.

Does a bad manifold gasket make a loud noise and burn a lot of gas?

A bad exhaust manifold gasket could do that.

Will a bad intake gasket make cylinder 1 misfire?

It could.

How much does a head gasket cost for a 98 Vectra?

A head gasket, for your 1998 automobile, will cost approximately $50. The price of the head gasket will vary from auto-parts store to auto-parts store.

How can you make your own gaskets?

go to your local auto parts store. They should have different sizes and types of gasket material.

Can you make your own seal?

you mean like on a car? Probably not a seal exactly. But i know you can get gasket material to make gaskets from many auto parts stores.

Where can coolant leak from on a 95 Nissan pickup?

Im not an auto mechanic but could be the hoses , hose clamp came loose, or could be the water pump wnet bad, or the W/P gasket, or any other thing , or gasket that is part of the cooling system.

How much should it cost to repalce a blown head gasket on a 97 stratus?

For the Head gasket kit it is 99.99 and for just the head gasket it is 43.99 at advance auto

Engine over heating in my 1996 daewoo cielo petrol Auto Gas model car. What could be the probable causes?

head gasket? its stuffed mate!

What would make a car to lose power smell make noise and mist?

could be a possible blown head gasket

There is oil coming out of the back of the top side of the engine and going onto the exhaust. It looks like it might be leaking from the supercharger gasket area Can you buy that gasket by itself?

i doubt it but any auto store should have karropak paper to make your own gasket. i just bought some to replace the gasket on my iac valve, just not sure how to do it yet.