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If you lose a license plate or plates and need the license plate number, you can look up your license plate number even if you no longer physically have your own.

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Q: Could you inform me about how to find license plate number?
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What is the governors license plate number?

the governors license plate is 0001000

Can you search insurance records by license plate number?

No, most companies will not require your license plate number.


form_title= License Plate Search form_header= Find the license plate you are looking for. What state are you searching for?*= _ What is the license plate number?*= _ Is this for a non-commercial vehicle?*= () Yes () No

When they ask for your Alberta License number are they asking for your plate number or the number in your license card?

license card

How can I find the car that this license plate number belongs to?

If you would like to find the owner of a car that a license plate belongs to you would need to contact law enforcement. If you could do that for someone then they could do it for you and would you want someone accessing your personal information with just your license plate number? Only law enforcement and the DMV have access to those files.

What is the french word for plate number?

the plate number / license plate is 'une plaque d'immatriculation' in French.

What is Delaware's license plate?

The license plate has number and says The first state. Why it has a number so that the police can find you if you did something bad.

Is there a way I can search a license plate number online?

I would have thought that only the DMV or police could do it, but I was wrong... there are several sites that would allow you to do that. Here are a few to kick you off:

What is the presidents license plate number?

presidents license plate number is 0001000

What could happen if you lost your license plate?


Can you change your license plate number if you are not happy with it at no additional charge?

No there will be additional charge for getting your license plate changed