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Yes vehicle tracking devices can be used on your vehicle without your knowledge. If you find this to be the case and it was not put there by the police it is illegal.

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Q: Could someone use vehicle tracking on your vehicle without your knowledge or permission?
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Is it legal to use a device to track someone else's car?

It would be illegal to put a tracking device into someone else's vehicle without their knowledge especially to harm them and if you have no right over that vehicle. You can although track your own car.

Where can one purchase a vehicle tracking system?

Someone looking to purchase a vehicle tracking system can do so at any automobile parts store. Also, electronic stores such as Best Buys and Radio Shack sell tracking systems for your vehicle.

What are some of the vehicle tracking solutions currently available?

One can have GPS tracking products installed within an automobile to allow someone to see at a glance where any vehicle is. There are both fleet and individual options available on the internet, from companies such as 'Vehicle Tracking Solutions' and 'Sage-Quest'.

Can someone purchase a vehicle then register that vehicle to someone else but continue to pay for the loan?

Yes, you can take out a loan for a vehicle for someone else and make the payments on it, but the only way you can put the vehicle in their name is if you have their permission.

Where can I learn about the options for vehicle tracking?

You can get information on vehicle tracking from a vareity of websites that are dedicated to this topic. Simply perform a websearch on vehicle tracking to get the information you need.

If permission given to search car by someone other then car owner is it illegal search?

If permission is given by the operator of the vehicle for the police to search it, then it is a legal search. The operator is the person responsible for the vehicle and as such they have the right to give permission.

Can someone under 25 drive someone else's car?

Anybody who fits the legal requirements to drive in that jurisdiction, and has permission from the vehicle's owner, can drive the vehicle.

What's the best vehicle tracking system?

Low Jack is one of the top selling vehicle tracking systems. It offers live tracking of your vehicle along with theft recovery in the event that the vehicle is stolen.

What are some benefits of stolen vehicle tracking?

Major benefit of stolen vehicle tracking is being able to identify and locate any stolen vehicle using GPS tracking. Also cars with stolen vehicle tracking can be subject to reduced insurance premiums.

Who can you recommend to install GPS vehicle tracking system in my car? give you a step by step tutorial . Or you can take it to a local garage and pay to have it installed by someone else.

Do all cars have vehicle tracking?

No, not all cars have vehicle tracking. It is a relatively new feature to include in automobiles, so the older model cars areny likely to have vehicle tracking.

Where can a person go to download vehicle tracking software?

There are numerous online resources that offer a download for vehicle tracking software. One of this resource is Top4Download that offers vehicle tracking software like Vehicle Pro 2.01.