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Yes antifreeze is sweet smelling, burning oil stinks and gasoline is, well gassy.

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Q: Could a leak from the engine have a funny odor in the car?
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What is the cause of an asphalt odor coming from your vehicles engine?

Your vehicle has an oil leak somewhere..............

White smoke with sweet odor when first starting 97 deville?

Internal engine antifreeze leak.

What can be causing the gas fireplace to have a strong gas odor?

it could be a gas leak i would have it checked just to be safe if i were you

How can you tell a Harley has an exhaust leak?

The engine may backfire excessively. You may also smell a strong exhaust odor in the riding position. In worst cases, it can cause the engine to run lean.

Why do you smell anti-freeze odor through radiator but no leaks found?

It could be a small enough leak that it evaporates before dripping.

Is an odor a gas?

No. But some gasses have odors. Natural gas doesn't have an odor but sulfur is added so it can be smelled. Otherwise a leak could go undetected and cause the death of someone living in a house.

Why does the toilet sometimes stink?

It can stink if it is not flushed or it is dirty. In some cases, there could be a leak at the base, and the standing water around the toilet has an odor.

Why Air conditioner fumes?

It means that, your air conditioner isn't gas powered, so oftentimes people are concerned about where this type of smell could be coming from. However, there are fluids in the engine and other parts of your air conditioner which can leak out, causing this exhaust fume odor.

What can cause a fuel odor in the car?

Any fuel spill,storage or leak can cause fuel odor inside the car.

What would cause gas odor in a 2004 Honda odessy?

A gas leak.

What could be wrong if steam comes from vents odor within car foggers and heat doesn't work and antifreeze leaks underneath the car when engine is running?

heater core has a pinhole leak! Only shows when under pressure .remove and replace not good to breath antifreeze vapers!

Side affects of breathing antifreeze odor from a combustible engine?

side affects of breathing antifreeze odor from a cng combustible engine