Changed breaks and abs light came on?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You may have damaged an ABS sensor or ABS sensor wiring. Go back and check each wheel.

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Q: Changed breaks and abs light came on?
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Why is your abs sensor light on?

your abs sensor light is on probably becuase the abs in one or all of your breaks are not working, take it to a mechanic so they can tell you if that is for sure the problem.

Abs light came on?

That means you have a problem with the ABS. Take it to an agency to check it.

Breaks slowly goes to floor abs light comes on?

Vaccum leak?

How do you reset abs light 2002 mersedes ml500?

The abs light came on because there is a problem with the abs ( Anti-lock Brake System). The abs light will not reset until the problem has been fixed. Once the abs system is repaired the light will reset itself.

What does it mean what the abs light stays on?

The abs system is the anti-lock break system you shoud have your breaks checked as soon as possible

Abs brake light came on in your Chrysler Pacifica?

The ABS computer has detected a malfuction and set a code.

Why would the Abs light be on after brake light switch changed?

The ABS and Brake lights stay on when the Abs computer has detected a malfunction and set a trouble code. You need to have the system checked for codes

190e abs light came on and alternator not charging?

ovp relay

Why would the abs light stay on continuously in a 97 contour GL?

why would the abs light stay on continuously in a 97 contour? I own a 1998 ford contour and the abs light is on all the time. my car which needs new breaks because when the abs light comes on you could have three wheels grabbing when you hit the breaks or two wheels grabbing. what i would do is either check to see if you need new breaks or they just may needed to be adjusted. your rotors could be so worn down that they could also need to be replaced or honed out.

Lincoln mark VIII abs light is keep coming on after changing brake pads?

Maybe when you changed the pads some fluid came out of the ABS reservoir that is in behind the drivers' side wheel well. Did the traction contol light come on too? Sometimes you just have to unplug the ABS relay and plug it back for the light to go out, that is behind the cowling in the drivers' side wheel well too.

You had the rear struts of your 98 Lexus es300 changed and now the trac off light is blinking and the abs light is on and its not reading on the diagnostic computer?

Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner

Where and what sensor needs to be changed if my abs light and traction control light is on?

Probably one of your wheel speed sensors