Change READ into very expensive

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Change READ into very expensive
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How manometer can read a very small changes in pressur?

By cathetometer (precise but expensive), or by inclined tube method

How do you change your user name on subeta?

By buying an Identity Star Shuriken (very expensive!)

Where do you change the freon on a 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme 3.1 6 cyl?

Why do you want to change the Freon? Not necessary and very expensive.

Is college expensive?

It's very, very expensive

How do you change the water pump on a 93 trooper DOHC and the timing belt?

if you don't know how ,you should first get a repair manual. read threw the part on the timing belt/water-pump removal and replacement. read very carefully i believe this is an interference motor which means if you don't replace the timing belt correctly you will bend valves. very very expensive. if your not completely sure on the process, bring it to a reliable auto shop

Does the corolla 141 cvt transmission have any defects?

CVTS are smooth but not very strong, They also had a lot of problems early on and are extremely expensive to repair. Nissan extended the warranty to sell cars but if you read the fine print it's no good. You have to have trans fluid "anylized" at EVERY oil change or warranty is void. This is also expensive.

Why does a 1993 dodge stealth pop out of reverse?

your syncros could be going bad...this is very expensive and a pain to change

Are bricks expensive?

they are very expensive

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they are from overseas and they are very fast that is why they are very expensive

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very expensive very expensive

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It is very expensive

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The supply of housing can't change very quickly because building houses is expensive and takes a lot of time.