Cars float on water san Andreas PC?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They can only be done in the older games like vice city.

Eiron Warrington

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Q: Cars float on water san Andreas PC?
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What is the cheat for cars float away when hit in gta san Andreas?


How do you make cj on San Andreas a psychic psycho?

you actually use a cheat called"bubble cars" then you can make cars float away when you touch them in another car. they even go past the san Andreas sky limit , like infinity height

How do you get a Mitsubishi lancer on San Andreas?

You cannot get real cars in gta san Andreas , you need to mod your game

What is a turisimo on San Andreas gta?

its one of the fastet cars in san andreas,you can mostly find them in las venturas

How can you get the f1 car in San Andreas?

OKAY there is no real cars in san Andreas or any gta, there only fake cars with fake names, you have to mod your game

What is san Andreas cheat for flying cars?


How do you get fast and furious cars in gta san Andreas?

i do not

How do you get good cars on San Andreas ps2?

you spawn them

How do you fly on GTASan Andreas on xbox?

You can't fly in gta san Andreas on xbox. You can make cars fly in gta san Andreas with a cheat

How do you find rare cars on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Rare cars can be found in various locations in GTA San Andreas. They can also be obtained by completing various side missions.

What is the cheat for all cars driving on water in GTAvc ps2 only GTAvc GTAvc GTAvc GTAvc GTAvc?

there is non, there is for san andreas but not for vice city, dont forget in San Andreas you can swim Vice city you cant

How do you get real life cars on San Andreas?

Its simple. U dowload them.