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Q: Carburetors the idlemixture adjustment screw controls the amountairfuel mixed together in the carburetor at idle?
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Where is carburetor adjustment screws on 1988 Honda 350 foreman?

The 1988 Honda 350 carburetor adjustment screws are on the side of the carburetor. There also is an adjustment screw on the very top of the carburetor.

Carburetor adjustment on 1980 Honda z50r?

carburetor adjustment on 1980 Honda z50r

Does a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier have a carburetor?

No. Carburetors were fazed out in the 1980's.

Can the carburetor be a cause of engine stalling?

Yes it could if you in fact have a carburetor. Carburetors were fazed out during the 1980's.

Where can I find a 1980 Chevy love Isuzu motor Carburetor?

National Carburetors sells remanufactured carburetors for the luv at a reasonable price.

Where can you get carburetor specifications for a Ford carburetor?

I would try Pony Carburetors. They have a website, and are the best Ford carb people around.

Does a 95 Chevy Suburban have a carburetor?

No, a 1995 Chevrolet Suburban does not have a carburetor. The carburetors were changed in 1995 and replaced with fuel injectors.

What do you do to adjust a carburetor on a poulan chainsaw?

Unless you are a authorized service mechanic for the Poulan company, you will not be able to do your carburetor adjustment, because the carburetors are being manufactured with a cap on the adjuster screws and there is a special tool needed to do the adjustment, and only a ASM will have this tool . Although i have seen them being sold on other sites. but the reason for the manufacturing of the carburetor this way is from the EPA not wanting a Joe Sschmo adjusting it too high or too low and letting the harmful emissions effect the air.

Mercury Marine do the 4.3 alpha fuel injected have a carburetors?

If it is fuel injected it will not have a carburetor.

What carburetors are on a moto guzzi?

i need a exploded view of a 1971 motto guzzi carburetor ?

Can i get the schematics for a jeep carburetor?

Not without listing engine size, year, and what carburetor. Jeep installed many different carburetors over the years.

Where is the carburetor of a Nissan 2003 located?

A 2003 Nissan has no carburetor as it is Fuel Injected. Carburetors have not been used on automobiles since the late 80s.