Car vibrating not much power when driving?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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where to start? could be dirty fuel filter, carburetor, or injectors. plugged exhaust...feel how much exhaust pressure is coming out of the tailpipe. could be burnt valves... do a compression test and see if you have any cylinders weaker than the rest 130-180 PSI is best, but the key is to see if they're all within 10% of each other. has the car sat for a while? or acting up all of a sudden?

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Q: Car vibrating not much power when driving?
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Your car lost power while driving and now will not start?

my car has no power when driving. plus its hard to start. after i ran it low on fuel

My car lost power while driving and now it will not start why?

Your car lost power while you were driving and it will not start now because the battery is depleted.

Car loss of power while driving?

Car needs service

What causes a car to start vibrating when you give it gas when driving and smooth out when you let off the gas?

Either it needs CV joints or the tires need to be balanced.

My 1999 dodge Dakota engine makes a vibrating noise at 3000 rpm when driving and stooped?

your car is making that noise because your muffler needs oil and fume

Lost power to car while driving?

Do you lose power when you turn the radio on? Probably electrical

You are entered to race a car for 100 yards Who does more work you or the car Explain Who requires more power Explain?

Are you racing the car by driving it? Or Are you driving it in a 100 yard race?

Why did my car die while driving?

It can be related to gas and electrical power.

How much does it cost to do G driving test?

in banbuiry £31.00 for driving test in a car

Is driving with a bad power steering pump bad for a car?

yes retard

Could a bad battery cause a car to lose power when driving?


Loss of power while driving?

There are many reasons as to why a car may lose power while driving. However, the most likely cause is a bad fuel pump. This causes the car to 'think' that there is not any gas, so it begins to stall, and eventually stalls while driving.