Car sounds like it is stuck in wrong gear?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if this is an older type car they use to have a vacuum modulator on the transmission that helped shift. It has a diaphragm in it that breaks and keeps it from upshift.

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Q: Car sounds like it is stuck in wrong gear?
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If 2002 Nissan Altima stalls when put into gear what is wrong?

it sounds like the neutral switch

Why is your automatic transmission stuck in forward gear even when you have it in park neutral or reverse?

Sounds like you have a busted linkage somewhere

What if your 03 subaru impreza's clutch got stuck to the ground and isn't coming back out you can still put it into gear but cannot control the clutch what so ever its stuck what could be the issue?

Sounds like a broken clutch spring.

Mercedes s320 2002 why is the gear not moving from park?

It sounds like a shift lock problem. First make sure your foot in on the brake, ignition on, then wiggle gear selector. If still stuck check linkage adjustment beneath center console on right side OS gear selector.

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Why my car is not picking up speed when I change gear it makes sound as if I am putting wrong gear and does not picks up?

you must have to check out the Clutch plates and pressure plates. better if u replace these parts by new one. and if your car is not changing gear and sounds like a wrong gear then might be clutch adjustment is needed. but its confirm that it is problem of clutch plates and pressure plates.

Gear shift displays R on dashboard but actual gear shift is in P I tried the park release button shifted all the way down to 3 and up and is now stuck at 3 for impreza?

sounds like the link between the shifter and indicator has broken....

Why is your 87 Chevy pickup 350motor 350 automatic tranny not really goin into gear and feels like it holding back?

Check your brakes, sounds like they are stuck on. If the brakes are ok the problem is in the transmission. Possibly the convertor or the front pump.

Central unit blowing cool air instead of hot when heat is on?

sounds like t stat is programmed wrong, reversing valve coil is bad or reversing valve is stuck.

When your almera is hot it is difficult to put into first gear?

Sounds like 1st gear synchros or the gear itself, box needs stripping to be sure.

What wrong with van when driving feels like brakes are on and brake petal is hard to push down?

Sounds like your handbrake is stuck or rear brake drums are seized. Check out hand barke system and rear brakes.

Why do your wipers not work on your 1998 Dodge Caravan?

you turn on the wipers and it sounds like theres a gear sliping, sounds like its running but makes noise?