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actually it can just be sure to check the engine for things as rust or gas leakage so when you start the car it doesn't have any issues. So my answer would be DEPENDS!THEcar would work but i would have it checked so the car doesnt backfire on you by the highway and stuff so dont just get on the car and expect it to work for 5 years because you have to get it checked and have the ruined parts changed so you can drive it

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Q: Car not driven for 4 years can still be re-started?
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How long a car can last?

Years. There are cars driven that are 40-50 years old. Model T's are still on the road and they are 100 years old. If a car is taken care of it can last as long as parts can be sold for it.

What can be driven but has no wheels sliced but still be whole?

Golf baal

Do you need car insurance for your salvage car in California?

If the car is still going to be driven, then yes it does need insurance.

Have you driven car before?

Yes; in fact, I have been driving for 39 years.

What does a rusty undercarriage signify on a used car that is only 4 years old?

The car was probable a northern car and driven during the winter in the salted ice/snow. Can also be a car that was driven near saltwater. Can also be a car with flood damage.

Can a car salesman sell you a car as new but its actually slightly used?

Only if the car is a Dealer demo driven by the staff. Then the car is still technically a new car.

Is petrol-driven car have been used 100 years ago?

dont care

What is the oldest car that can still be driven?

I was reading an article in a car magazine in the Drs. office yesterday about a museum in England that has a 1888 or 1889 car in working cond.

Can you get auto insurance with no vehicle registered in your name?

If you OWN a car it can be insured.If it is to be driven it must be registered correctly for the insurance to be validI have an antique sports car that has not been driven or registered for two years, but it is insured.

Is insurance necessary when a car is for sale?

Only if it's still being driven while waiting on a buyer

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Presidents are typically not allowed to drive their own cards. George W. Bush has not owned or driven a car in many years.

Brake light comes on but goes off after car is restarted?

Could be the switch