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Can you? Yes you can. Should you? No, you should not because the 65 series tire is 4.84% (1.47") smaller in overall diameter than the 70 series tire. You should never go over or under 3% difference. If you wish to go to a 65 series tire then you need to install 265/65-17 tires that are only 0.19% (.06") larger. That size will be an excellent fit. A 255/65-17 will also work well but not quite as well as a 265/65-17. A 235/65-17 will not work well and you should not install that size. Know that the 265 may rub the fender liner when you turn sharply so check that.

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Q: Can your replace tire size 245 70 17 t with 235 65 17?
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Can you use 245 70 r16 tire to replace a 235 70 r16 tire?

If 235/70-16 is the OEM tire size then switching to a 245/70-16 will cause your speedometer to read 58.8 at a true 60 mph. You will also have slightly less power.

What is the alternate tire size for 245 70 r16?

235 70r 16

Can you replace 245 75 r16 tires for 235 70 r16?

The way you have phrased your question is confusing. If you are saying that the 235/70-16 is the OEM size the answer is NO, this is not an acceptable swap. Going either way this is a bad swap. If your OEM size is 235/70-16 and you want to go to a 75 series tire then you need to install a 215/75-16. If your OEM size is 245/75-16 and you want to go to a 70 series tire then go with a 265/70-16.

Can you replace 245-75R16 with 235-75R16?

Yes, you can

Can you replace a 245 70 R 16 with a 235 85 R 16 tire?

I guess you can - 235 85 R 16 is a bit narrower and taller. but not vitally. so it would fit

What is tire size and make for a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

There are two options. 235/65 R17 and 245/65 R17. Original equipment tire was probably a Goodyear.

Can you replace a 245-70R16 tire for a 265-75R16 tire?

Yes you can

Can you replace 245-50R20 tire with 255-50R20 tire?

Yes you can

Can 245 70r16 tire substitute for 235 70r16?

NO, the 245 tire will be smaller in overall diameter and your speedometer will be off. Handling, ride, power, and fuel economy will be effected.

What is the OEM tire size for a 95 Pontiac Trans Am?

The Stock tires are 245/50ZR16, if you opted for the premium tires, or 235/55R16 if you took the standard tires.

What is the difference between a 235 85 16 tire to a 245 80 16 tire?

A 235 / 85 / 16 tire is ( 31.7 inches in diameter and has a section width of 9.3 inches ) A 245 / 80 / 16 tire is ( 31.4 inches in diameter and has a section width of 9.6 inches ) So , they are pretty close in physical size , but I don't know about the weight carrying capacity ( the 245 tire , with the lower profile . is 3 /10 th of an inch smaller diameter and 3 /10 inch wider )

Will tire chain size 245 65r16 work on 245 45r17 tire?

Doubtful, since the radial is bigger on the r17...

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