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Q: Can your car engine belt squeal because its to loose?
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Why does belt squeal on 2000 blazer with 4.3 engine?

It's either loose or you have a bearing going out on idler or an accessory.

What causes a 2005 pt cruiser to squeal How do you fix it?

That depends on how, when and where it is squealing. For example, if the brakes squeal when applied, the brake pads are probably worn down. A squeal from the engine compartment whenever the engine is running could be a loose serpentine belt (especially if the squeal changes a little when you rev the engine).

What causes a car to squeal?

Maybe the tires? If it is in the engine compartment, it is probably either a loose belt or one is getting old and slipping.

Why does your alternator belt squeal when you start the car?

The belt could be damp, loose or slipping.

What causes the 1992 Honda Accord to squeal when starting?

A loose belt. Most likely the alternator belt, if it doesn't squeal when you make a sharp turn.

Why would a 1995 Sonoma serpentine belt squeal?

either the belt is worn to the point of breaking or its very loose

2000 Avalon Why does Belts squeal only when air is on?

Belt may be loose or glazed

Why does car squeal at start?

Normally this is caused by a drive belt that is loose or worn and needs replacing.

Belt squeal on a 1995 Saturn SL1 when you run the AC or Heater?

The squeal when you turn on the AC or heater is a loose fan belt. It may be cracked and need replaced, or it may just need tightened.

Why does car engine squeal when turn on the ignition?

Most likely it is a loose fan belt (commonly used on older vehicles, prior to the newer serpentine style belt). The fan belt can be tightened by loosening the alternator mounting bolts and adjusting the alternator tension on the belt.

What could cause a squeal opon starting a 1997 hyndai tiburon?

A loose, cracked or dry belt.

Squeal alternator in 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Very often it is not the alternator, but the belt that squeals. This can be checked by rubbing a little soap on the belt, if the squeal goes away, you know it's the belt. The belt may squeal for a number of reasons: the belt is new, the belt is old, the belt tension is too tight or loose, the belt is cold (the squeal goes away on it's own when it warms up). Some belts just squeal for no discernable reason, but there are 'belt dressing' sprays available for sale that sometimes help. Always check the belt before spending a bunch of money on a new alternator that may not be needed.