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I wouldn't recommend. Pressure on low side is still very high and ac system has a radiator just like a car, it will gum up inside everything and probably not stop leak. You should replace the hose or repair the leaking connection. If its a pinhole in metal or compressor case, maybe can be tig welded or something if it's not a part that can be removed

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Q: Can you use stop leak to help stop a small leak in a c compressor?
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Can you repair a leaking AC compressor with some type of 'Stop Leak' or must you get a rebuilt or new compressor?

There are lots of places that can leak freon and some can be sealed with stop leak. The only way is to try it.

Will prestone stop leak work in a 94 bretta with a v6 small leak steaming up windshield on drivers side only thanks bobp?

Are you sure it is a antifreeze leak? If so ,stop leak will not help heater core leaks.But make sure that is the problem.

What are the causes of 2004 Honda civic ac stop blowing cold air?

Refrigerant leak? Blown fuse? Compressor not starting

Why would the AirCond suddenly stop blowing cold air on 97 Ford Taurus?

Blown fuse (compressor clutch) refrigerant leak

Will stop leak help your minor coolant leak from lower intake gasket 3.1?

Try Bars Stop Leak; its` worked wonders for some, none for others. Worth a shot though.

Does stop leak work in car radiators?

Yes, it will help seal small leaks in the cooling system. However it can also clog the system if you do not use it properly.

How do you fix a radiator leak on 1987 crown Victoria?

It depends - if the leak is small, just put a bottle of Barr's stop leak in the radiator - make sure you follow the directions. It works great on small leaks.

What is Barr's Stop Leak?

Barr's Stop Leak is a brand of radiator repair chemicals. Barr's Stop Leak is poured in the radiator and the engine is run at an idle for a few minutes. It will repair small leaks like those that happen if a rock strikes the radiator.

If radiator is leaking in 2001 Pontiac grand am where does the stop leak go?

The question is referring to pour in type cooling system sealers such as Stop-Leak. If the radiator itself is leaking Stop-Leak will likely come right out as it is designed for small seal and gasket sealing.

What causes car ac compressor to stop start stop start and dosent raech temperature?

It usually happens when the A/C system is low on gas, usually due to a leak or a broken component part.

Does air conditioner leak stop work?

NO! its like looking for a magic pill to make you younger or live longer. Do not use it you will clog up the entire system and wind up replacing it. Find the leak and properly repair it. YES IT WILL STOP THE LEAK BUT NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED ASAP IT IS NOT WISE TO US IT BUT IT WIL STOP A SMALL LEAK.

What will stop a water leak?

Repair the pipe of fixture to stop your leak.