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No. They are both retaining compounds but are used for different purposes. Use only what is recommended or you may be sorry.

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Q: Can you use loctite 680 in place of loctite 620?
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Which loctite can use instead of Omnivisc 1050?

Loctite part number 3600017

Can you use loctite to bond ceramic tile on concrete floors?

You can use Loctite power Grab to bond ceramic tile to concrete. However, it would be very expensive and take longer as it's in a tube. There are many tile cements in buckets that would cost MUCH less and be faster to use. I would use Loctite only for tile repairs.

What credit score is fair credit?

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What loctite can use instead of Omni visc1002?

Permatex ultrablack RTV silicone

Can you use super glue to attach your rear view mirror?

Most varieties of super glue will work. However, I've found the Loctite version to be best for windows. This is sold as 'Loctite Auto Mirror Adhesive'.

How do you glue bracket back on window 99 Dodge Intrepid?

I would use 'Loctite Auto Mirror Adhesive' .

Can you use Loctite super glue containing cyanoacrylate to reglue back yourself?

It can be used to glue skin and small wounds.

Where can you buy loctite glue remover?

Acetone is the solvent to use, available at most hardware stores.If all you need is a small amount, nail polish remover is primarily acetone.ANS 2 -'Loctite' Glue Remover is available at many good hardware stores.

What can you mod rock?

Polystyrene(styrofoam) I get mine at Home Depot. Liquid nails (recently instead of liquid nails I've been using Loctite's power grab) Caulking gun -for the liquid nails or Loctite. Knife Non-sanded grout (white is the cheapest -I use a brand called Polyblend)

What can you use to fill a small hole in plastic and would dry off to be just as hard as plastic?

You might try Plastic Welding or LocTite Plastic Bonder.

Where is telephone country code 680?

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Can you use Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive to reattach ceramic floor tile?

Yes, you can (but there are many cheaper ways of doing it , such as regular tile glue)