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You can if you wish but the dish soap may strip off any wax you may have on the car.

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Q: Can you use joy dish washing liquid soap for washing the car?
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Can you wash Car tires with a dish washing liquid?

no get some proper stuff

How do you make car wash soap?

There are many different ways to make your own car wash soap. Simply using dish detergent in warm water is one way to make your own car wash soap. Another way is to use 1 cup of liquid dish washing soap and 12 tablespoons of powdered laundry detergent in warm water to make a good car wash soap. For a more eco-friendly car wash soap, you can use 1 cup of a vegetable-based oil soap or multipurpose green cleaner mixed with warm water. Does this help you?

What is the safety home product to wash your car with?

Dawn dish soap works great for hand washing cars, and is environmentally safe as well.

Is Laundry Soap safe to use for Car Washing?

No, according to Consumer Reports, soaps made for household uses (such as laundry or dish soap) can strip protective waxes and coatings. They can cause eventual harm to your paint job. Consumer Reports: Do's and Dont's of Car Washing

What kind of soap do you use to wash a car?

A good car wash soap, it doesn't leave spots, dish soap will.

What can you wash a car with at home?

Dish soap works great

What suplies is needed to run a car washing service?

Soap and water

Is it bad to wash a car with body soap?

What do you mean by body soap? Soap that is in bar form, or soap that in a bottle like body wash? Bar soap could pick up sand and grit that might scratch the finish. Body wash is a mild abrasive but I have never heard of anybody using it for washing a car but I assume that a slight clouding of the clear coat is possible. If you have access to dish soap (detergent) it is the best improvised automotive soap.

What is a good substitute for car wash soap?

Dish soap-but don't use it for show cars it can take some wax off

Do the drive-through car washing services use harmful chemicals on my car?

No most tend to water down the soap.

What cleaning product will clean car?

small amount of dish liquid

Can you wash a car with dish soap?

yes you can i wash my dads truck and my moms suburban all the time with it when we run out of car wash stuff...