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No. The correct acid used in car batteries is Sulfuric Acid and it is a special battery formulation.

Hydrochloric acid will destroy the plates over night.

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Q: Can you use hydrochloric acid in car battery?
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Is hydrochloric acid use for car battery?

No, sulphuric acid is used.

Can hydrochloric acid be used in battery?

Depends on your battery. In a lead-acid battery, like a 12V you find in most cars, sulfuric acid is used because hydrochloric acid will not form Pb304 (lead oxide). Pencil batteries are alkaline batteries and use a base instead of acid. However some batteries might accept HCL, just not most.

Vw gti change battery water?

No, you don't ever change battery water. Batteries have hydrochloric acid in them, not water, even though you use water to top them off. Do not mess with the acid in your battery. You should always use distilled water to fill your batteries.

What is the liquid inside of a battery?

car batteries use sulphuric acid

Could you use muriatic acid for your car battery?

No, sulfuric only

Can you substitute muratic acid for battery acid?

No, you should not substitute muriatic acid for battery acid. Battery acid is typically sulfuric acid, which has different properties and concentrations than muriatic acid. Substituting one for the other can damage the battery and may be dangerous.

Can a car take any kind of battery acid?

It is unusual to add battery acid to a car. Cars (not hybrids) normally use lead acid batteries and the acid is sulfuric acid, however you don't add sulfuric acid. When the fluid in a cell is low you add distilled water. Only the water has evaporated, the acid has not.

Which metal and acid would you use to make sodium chloride?

You would use sodium metal and hydrochloric acid to make sodium chloride. When sodium reacts with hydrochloric acid, it forms sodium chloride along with hydrogen gas as a byproduct.

Is sulfuric acid the same as battery acid?

Battery acid is commonly a dilute solution of sulfuric acid used in lead-acid batteries. While they both primarily consist of sulfuric acid, battery acid may contain additional components such as water or other additives specific to battery chemistry.

How do you use acid in a sentence?

The hydrochloric acid burned my skin, or the hydrochloric acid can burn things if it touches or can have certain things dissolve or melt, like ice.

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If you mean hydrochloric acid the answeer ist yes, hydrochloric acid is used to percipictate cocaine of solution

Relplacement of sulphuric acid?

You can use either the nitric or hydrochloric acid as a replacement of the sulphuric acid.