Can you use PVC pipe for engine exhaust?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I don't think so. Pvc pipe cannot even used for hot water distribution. I don't know how hot the engine exhaust is, but I'm pretty sure it would melt the pipe. ( I am a master plumber.)

The temperature of the exhaust just after the catalytic converter can reach 700 degrees F.

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Q: Can you use PVC pipe for engine exhaust?
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What sort of saw do you use to cut PVC pipe?

A pipe cutter is the best tool to cut PVC pipe.

Can you use PVC pipe to wire a barn?

Yes, if it is rigid PVC conduit approved for electrical installations. Don't use PVC water pipe as it will be rejected if inspected.

What is steel corrugated pipe and it's use?

Ribbed, bendable steel pipe used on combustion engine exhaust system.

Can you spray paint a car's exhaust pipe?

I think that as long as you use the paint use for the engine block

Do you have to use special PVC pipe for hot water?

There is no special PVC pipe. CPVC can be used for hot water applications or in my opinion just use PEX pipe.

Can you use waste pipe glue on high pressure lines?

if your waste pipe is PVC and your glue is for PVC . yes! but make sure to use a primer(cleaner) on the pipe first.

To use up or to fire out also the pipe from an engine which lets out waste gas steam?


Can you use pvc pipe for gas line?


Do you use PVC pipe cement when connecting a PVC pipe to a galvanized metal pipe?

No, do not use glue. Use teflon tape or pipe dope on the threads. You should also make sure you always put the male PVC thread into the female metal thread. If you do it the other way you will tend to split the PVC fitting when you tighten the threads.

Do you use PVC pipe cement when connecting to a PVC pipe thread?

Use teflon tape with a little pipe dope. If you don't ever have to take apart again then you can use glue which you are calling cement

How do you conet PVC pipe to lead pipe?

Lead wipe a brass nipple into the lead pipe and then use a female adapter x PVC on the brass threads

What type of PVC pipe can be suitable for hot water pipe line?

You cannot use pvc on hot water, only cpvc