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It is possible to trade a used car to another used car. As long as both cars are in good condition ang good price too.

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Q: Can you trade in your used car for another used car?
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Do you have to buy a new car to trade in a used car?

No, you can trade a used car for another used car

Can you trade in car your if it wont start for another?

Sure you can trade it in. You will get the wholesale price of what it is worth in trade. Now if you are referring to a new car you bought and you want to return it for another car, the answer is no & yes. You can trade it in but the same thing applies. It is now a used car and you will get that used car price. Just let them repair it under the warranty.

If you recently bought a used car and want to trade it in along with another used car for a newer car has this been done before?


Can a car be sold to a dealership for another car?

Yes. It is called a trade in.

Can you trade in a car that's not paid off and not co sign for another car?

If you trade-in a car that Not paid off, you will be trouble with the law.

Can you trade in your new car for a used car?


After you buy a car from a dealer can you trade it for another car of the same price?

Sure, but you will have to pay the difference when trading in a used car for a new car. It lost considerble value when you drove it off the lot.

Trade used car for new car?

Yes it's possible. It's what we called "trade-in".

Can you trade in your used car to buy a preowned car from dealer?

You can

Where can one buy a affordable car?

One can buy a affordable car at their local deakership or through a ad in the local paper. One may also trade in a used car for a discount on another car.

Where can you buy a trade in car in RI?

car trading shopMost dealer's used cars are trade ins.

Can you return a used car back to the dealer?

You could try. It might not work, though. Some dealers might allow you to trade it in for another car if there is a major problem.