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you will more than likely need a new engine controller if you do that, but yeah if everything matches you could probably pull it off.

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Q: Can you swap an 2.2l ecotec engine in a 2.2l non ecotec?
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Can you swap a turbo engine for a non turbo engine in a 92 eclipse?

Yes you can you will need to get the non-turbo engine, non-t ECU and wire harness. The wire harness and ecu are diffrent between the t and the non t.

Can you swap a non turbo engine for a turbo engine in a 96 eclipse?

Yes but it is not worth it. The engines face opposite ways.

Can you swap a 97 civic non vtec engine for a 2002 non vtec civic engine?

It will probably be more work than it's worth. The computers aren't compatable.

Can i swap engine from 1993 olds regency 98 to a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville non supercharged?


Can you swap a 1996 Subaru 250T engine for a 2 liter engine of the same year both non turbo?

Yea you can but you will have to swap the inlet manifold with wiring harness off the ej25 and also the crank and cam Sensors

Will a 2jz-gte engine work in a 1988 Toyota supra non-turbo and what tranny work with it?

yes it will, u have to do a full engine swap and get all the parts for it

Do the non turbo s13 and s14 nissans come in auto transmission?

yes, and if its turbo in the US, its been modded or gotten an engine swap.

Turbo engine to non-turbo body Can you swap a 2nd generation Talon or Eclipse turbo engine into a 2nd generation non-turbo body?

The simple answer is yes. there are two engines in talons, lasers and eclipses. or better known as dsm's. (diamond star motors). there is the 4g63, and the 420a. which both come in turbo and non-turbo models. if you are looking to swap a turbo 4g63 into a non turbo 4g63 shell, the swap is simple. same as if your swapping a turbo 420a into a non turbo 420a shell. now, if your looking to swap a turbo 4g63into a nonturbo 420a or vise versa, you will encounter problems with motor mounts, wiring etc. keep in mind the wiring and ecu's etc will be different on each motor.

You want to swap your non turbo engine on your 1996 eagle talon for a turbo engine is it a good idea?

Horrible idea unless you have a LOT of MONEY, TIME, AND EXPERIENCE! But if you have all three of those Go for it!

Can you swap a non turbo to a twin turbo?

You can't just swap the engine directly. The NA model does not have a forged driveshaft, the radiator is smaller and there's so many other factors. It would be cheaper to buy another entire car than to do the swap. The non turbo cars aren't built to handle that much power! He is the dumbest guy i have ever seen asking this stupid question

Pontiac supercharged engine swap?

i dont really understand your question, but if your asking if you can put a supercharged engine into a non supercharged frame then yes. but you will have to take out the axle. that can be annoying. email me if you have more questions

I have a 99 gs can you swap a non-turbo engine for a turbo engine?

keep yours. order a bottom end short block that's built. Low compression pistons and forged rods.. dont try to swap motors. Then get a turbo. a good ratio for a turbo 420a motor is 8.8:1 good luck.