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You could, but it probably wouldn't be worth it to.

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Q: Can you sue someone for opening their car door and hitting and damaging your car?
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How do you stop a kitchen cabinet door from hitting the wall?

There are hinges or hinge inserts that can be used to stop the door from opening beyond 80 degrees.

How do you stop door from hitting wall?

my car hitting a broken wall on the road next door

Who is at fault if a garage door is opening and car drives into it before it clears the path?

With garage door opening probably the fault of the driver. With a closing door driver could be not at fault if someone closed it on top of car. But opening should be seen by driver. Like running into a closed door that's not moving. Unless someone told the driver it was open and it wasn't and so the driver hit it backing out. Or it was open then someone else closed it and started to open it again.

Why if the door was on child safety and the door wont open how would you openfix broken door handle?

If I understand the question correctly - - the door is on child safety lock and you can't open the door to fix the handle. If so - - you will have to remove the interior door panel to gain access to the locking mechanism and unlock it manually. Mechanical methods of opening the door (Slim Jim's, etc) stand a good chance of damaging the locking mechanism by forcing it, and you (or someone) will have to remove the door panel to repair it anyway.

What is a small opening in a door or cover?

a hatch is a small opening in a door or cover.

If a parked car opens their door as the parked car next to them is pulling away who is responsible legally?

The one backing out, because you should realize someone is opening a door.

Examples of gestures?

A gesture is something you can do without talking. A friendly gesture would be opening the door for someone waiting.

What does hinge have to do with doors?

The hinge is the mechanism that allows a door to move, or swing freely (open and close). Without a hinge, a door would simply be a piece of material used to block an opening that would require someone to pick it up and move it to pass through the opening. So - no hinge, no 'door'.

An opening in a building usually covered with glass?

not opening a door the answer is hole

What is the differens between a door case and a door portal?

The case is the wood that surrounds the opening, the portal is the actual opening.

How can you get the window to go back up?

if the door panel is on hitting the door at the bottom may help or if panel is off hitting the motor with something may make it work

Why won't your Honda Del Sol door lock?

Hold door handle (opening lever) as if you're opening the door and then push lock lever to lock