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yes. you need to push the car or truck at least 10mph and then drop the clutch. its not the best way to start the car but it does work.

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Q: Can you start a manual transmission by popping the clutch?
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How do you jump a starter 2006 Toyota Corolla?

Use jumper cables attached to either another car or use a jump start kit. If the car has a manual transmission, you can push start it by turning the key, putting the car in 1st gear, pushing it and then popping the clutch.

How do you start and move a car with a manual transmission?

Put in the clutch, turn the key, shift from neutral into first, let the clutch out. Good luck.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1985 Pontiac fiero with a manual transmission?

There is no neutral safety switch on a 85 fiero with a manual transmission. There is a clutch pedal switch under the dash. The car will start in any gear, as long as the clutch pedal is depressed.

Does a manual transmission have a neutral switch?

Most use a "clutch" safety switch, usually located at the upper end of the clutch pedal. You must step on the clutch before the vehicle will start

Can a bad distributor cap cause a manual transmission to jerk?

A corroded distributor cap and rotor will cause a vehicle to be difficult if not impossible to start and may cause the motor to run rough. If a manual transmission is jerky the clutch slave cylinder or clutch may need replacing ( clutch slipping ). It would also do to check the clutch lines for leaking fluid.

How do you adjust how far the clutch has to be pushed in before starting a 1996 Nissan 200SX?

you cant edit: In order to start any manual transmission car, the clutch must be fully depressed.

2001 gmc sonoma it will not start you can start it by poppin the clutch which would indicate to you that the starter is ok you have replaced the starter relay switch and the clutch switch any ideas?

How do you figure the starter is okay just by popping the clutch? Popping the clutch uses the driveline to turn the motor over. The starter is not involved at all.

How can you start your car if the starter is bad?

Manual cars can be started with a bad starter due to the ability to roll start the car. Automatic transmission cars are not so lucky. To roll start a manual car all you need to do is put the car in gear with the key in the "on" position, push in the clutch, get the car to roll, then quickly release the clutch. The transmission will slam into the engine and force it to turn. Don't forget to push the clutch back in once it starts or the car will stall.

Why won't ford ranger diesel push start It has manual transmission.?

Because you have to have the clutch depressed to start it. They came factory with a clutch safety switch that will not allow the engine to start unless the clutch pedal is pressed to the floor . NOT. the clutch safety switch only allows the starter to be energized... If the glow plugs will cycle then the truck can be pulled to start. When my starter solenoid was bad I pulled it to start.

Why would your automatic car start fine idle fine but when you put it into gear it stalls?


Why wont your 2003 Ford Ranger push start?

The manual transmission has a starter interlock which prevents the engine from cranking unless the clutch pedal is depressed

How do you start a 1962 ford truck without using the ignition?

Very few trucks at that time had automatic transmission. So you can start a manual transmission by pushing it off. Turn on the ignition switch. Place the gear into 2nd gear. Depress the clutch. Push the truck to about 5 to 10 mph and release the clutch and the engine will start.