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Yes, but you must tell the potential buyer that it is missing. That it may be illegal to drive the vehicle without it.

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Q: Can you sell a vehicle that has the catalytic converter missing?
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Can a dealer sell a vehicle without a catalytic converter?

Not legally.

Is it illegal to sell a car without a catalytic converter in the state of MD?

Yes, it is illegal to sell a vehicle, that came equipped with a catalitic converter, with the converter removed, in any state.

Is it illegal to pull a catalytic converter from a junkyard?

It is illegal for a salvage yard to sell a catalytic converter.

Is it illegal for a dealer to sell a car without a catalytic converter?

Yes and No. A dealer should not be able to sell a car without a catalytic converter. However, the dealer should assume that every car it purchases has a catalytic converter. Therefore, if the dealer was unaware, then the dealer has no liability in selling a car without a CAT. Ultimately, the liability lies in the individual whom removed the catalytic converter in the first place.

Where can you buy a used or rebuilt catalytic converter?

You can not. There are no rebuilt cats and it is not legal to sell a used one.

Can your car work without a catalytic converter?

Yes, the engine will run albeit not as it should, but you are also polluting the atmosphere and you will be driving an illegal vehicle you cannot sell in this condition. I highly recommend you not drive your car without a converter installed.

Is it illegal to sell a car without catalytic converters in AZ?

It's illegal to sell a car anywhere in the U.S. without a catalytic converter. It's a Federal, not State law

What to do missing gas cap?

You can take the vehicle to the car's dealership and they can replace it for you or sell one to you that fits your vehicle .

Under Michigan law is it illegal to sell a car without a Cadillac converter?

although it might be nice to have the sleek,cool cadillac converter. i think the law state you have to replace the catalytic converter with one of the same type as original. Yes, it is not only illegal to remove the converter but it is illegal to sell a car with it removed. Federal law prohibits removal or replacement of a properly functioning O.E. converter. In addition the engine will not perform correctly with the converter removed.

Can a dealer sell a car without a vin plate?

NO! Not unless it is a vehicle that was produced before the introduction of the VIN system. That would be prior to 60s. Otherwise it is illegal to sell a vehicle with the VIN tag missing.

How much gold is in a diesel catalytic converter?

none, it contains platinum, which erodes less and is more valuable. your not planning on stealing one? because you get easily caught they guy you sell it too will be paid to alert the police and its just wrong, the converters are easily recognizable as a specific person, you will be caught! DON'T STEAL!

Does any one know a direct buyer of Catalytic Converters?

Most metal recyclers will take a catalytic converter, but be aware that Federal and State law enforcement is now requiring tracking information whenever someone tries to sell them. Stealing catalytic converters has become an industry for criminals and law enforcement has been watching closely.