Can you run a car without a expansion tank?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can operate a car without an expansion tank but it will most likely drip engine coolant onto the road when the motor heats up.

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Q: Can you run a car without a expansion tank?
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Does a car run better if the tank is full?


Why does hot water continually run into the expansion tank?

Because it likes a place to expand and contract

Do you need your kawasaki coolant reservoir and why?

Yes. It doubles as an expansion tank for the coolant. Without it the system would be total loss and you really don;t want to run out of coolant on that engine.

How would you use gasoline in a sentence?

I went to the gas station to get some gasoline for my truck. Without gasoline in the tank, the car wouldn't run.

Can soda in a gas tank damage a car?

yes it does damage your car and your car wont run ; ]

What could happen if you put fuel injector cleaner in your gas tank only without gas?

DON'T its mostly kerosene & your car wont run on it

Can a car run without the alternator installed?

No a car cannot run without the alternator installed. All the components in a car have their specific function and any missing piece will cause the car not to run.

How many miles will a car run?

depends how much petrol is in the tank

What is in your gas tank that is making your car run bad?

Could be water.

How could a car run without fuel?

Gravity is the only way to run a car without fuel Well the wind could push it.

Does a car's gas tank have a vent and will the car run with a broken vent?

yes it will run with a broken vent, but the check engine light may come on because of tank pressure, and you may leak a bit of gas.

Where does a expansion pipe run to in a domestic heating system?

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