Can you ride a 180cc with a cbt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No.You can only ride up to a 125cc with a CBT if you are over 17 years old

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Q: Can you ride a 180cc with a cbt?
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Can We Drive a 180cc Motorbike on CBT Licence in UK?

no you can only drive up to a 125 cc

Do you have to have a cbt test to ride a scooter?


Can you ride a 600 cc bike with 33bhp on a cbt?

No on a cbt you can only ride up to 14.6 bhp to ride a 33bhp bike you must pass you full test .

Can you ride your bike to the cbt if you have insurance?

simple answer is "no"

Can you ride a 100cc quad on cbt?

no. not in UK anyway.

If you hace a cbt to ride a 50cc do you need to to retake cbt for a 125cc?

No as soon as you turn 17 you can ride a 125cc as long as it is still restricted. I did this myself when I turned 17.

Can you ride bigger than 125cc on cbt course?


If you wanted to ride a moped until i got a car license the next year do only have to take the CBT?

By law a CBT must be taken to ride a moped, and it is the only test you need to take to ride a moped on your own (this lasts for two years before you have to re take it unless you possess a full license by then), however you must use a learner plate at all times. A CBT must be taken to provisionaly ride on a motorbike before a motorbike test. You can ride a moped on a full licence without a CBT.

Where can one take a cbt test?

There are many places where one can take a CBT test. One can take a CBT test anywhere in the area known as the United Kingdom in order to ride a motorcycle.

Can you ride a kazaski ninja 250r on cbt?

no you need a full bike licence

How how does 180cc equal to in ounces?

180cc is 6.09 fluid ounces.

In the UK can you legally ride a 250cc bike when your 18?

Sort of you cant ride a 250 unless a- you have got your CBT and passed your test b- you have your CBT and are under instruction (ie on the road with an instructor following you) you cannot just ride one about yourself just because your 18