Can you return a new car after 2 weeks?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Im sure you can, Most Companies have a Money back Garnette Policy If not that Probably Means you cant, Id check the fine Print of the contract you signed, It will ither show How many Km/Miles After purchase you can return it,

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Q: Can you return a new car after 2 weeks?
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Can you return a new car after 2 months?


In NJ can you return a new car if you only have it 2 days?


Can you return a used car after purchasing it 2 weeks ago with getting down payment back loan insint final and no consequences and also get car back that was traded in?

No, Buyers Remorse or Cooling Off Period Laws do not apply to the purchase of a new or used car in any state. You cannot return any car because you changed your mind. You bought it and you own it.

Can you return a used car if it breaks down 2 weeks later?

It depends about the terms and conditions you bought the car on if it is CPO (Certified pre owned) then you should be able to.

Can you return a used car 2 weeks after you purchase it?

Unless there is a warranty or contract that has a specific return clause, or there is a local ordinance in your area requiring it, then no -- neither a car dealership nor a private owner is obligated to take a return on a car. You can sue for false representation of the vehicle, but that involves taking them to court.

If the new car i bought less than 2 hours ago has a scratch can i return?

yeah you can return it saying it was given as a damaged one and ask for replacement of new one.

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Can you return a new car you just go two days ago for a higher priced version of the same car?

The car you bought was a new car but the car you are returning is a used car. It has lost quite allot of value in the 2 days you owned. Legally you cannot return the car but the selling dealer may agree considering you are buying a higher priced version of the same car. You are basically trading in your used 2 day old car on a new car. This will cost you dearly.

If you bought a new car and have only had if for 2 weeks with no payments made can you return it to the dealer will it affect your credit score?

You signed a contract and drove it. It is not new anymore. Returning it would be a voluntary repossession and you would probably owe several thousand dollars. Yes, it would hurt your credit.

Will it damage the car if I remove the flat battery and leave the car without battery for 2 weeks?

No, it will not damage the car at all, you will need to reprogram your radio when the new battery goes in though.

If you bought a car 2 weeks ago and signed paperwork and the dealer asked you to contact the bank financing your loan to clear up some issues can they request for you to return the vehicle?


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