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if i live in kcks can i register my car in Missouri and then switch to Kansas

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โˆ™ 2012-07-17 21:18:11
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Q: Can you register your car in Missouri if you live in ks?
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To get a duplicate car title in the state of Missouri city of Kansas City.Where can I go?

coffeyville ks on a car out of Missouri

If you live in a no-fault state and get into an accident in a faulty-party state which insurance policies overrule?

all insurance policys must conform to the statue of the state they are is pure comparative neg.state, ks, is a 49/51% no fault, if i take my Missouri car/policy to ks, and get in an accident, then the Missouri policy must conform to the kansas law

If you live in ks and buy a car in Missouri do you pay the sales tax in mo or ks?

You will pay the sales tax in Missouri. However, Kansas may charge a "use tax" (equal to the sales tax) for items brought in from out-of-state. This is common among all the states; when you file your state income tax, you must declare items purchased from out-of-state and pay the tax.

Where do you register a handgun in Wichita KS?

Kansas does not require handgun registration, so the answer is, you can't register it.

You are active military in KS and want to purchase a used car from dealer or private seller and register it in WA resident there whos sales tax do you have to pay or do you?

You would pay sales tax in the state in which the car will be registered.

How many people live in Dodge City ks?

90,000 people live in dodge city ks

What 2 professional sports teams do ks and Missouri share?

Royals and Chiefs

What is the halfway point between Newton Ks and Dyersburg Tn?

Riverpark, Missouri.

What is the driving distance between iola ks and sprinfield Missouri?

The driving distance from Iola, Kansas to Springfield, Missouri is about 154 miles.

Is there a business called london car rental in Wichita, KS?

In researching car rental companies in the Wichita, KS area, I did not find one by the name of London Car Rental.

What does KS mean as a car abbreviation?

Knock Sensor

What is halfway point between Decatur IL and Kansas City KS?

Around Shelbina, Missouri is halfway

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