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Not unless you have a way to turn off the passenger side front airbags. Some pickup trucks have this feature (you use the key to turn the airbags off).

If you cannot turn off/disable the airbags in your car, then you cannot put a car seat in the front seat. It would be very dangerous for the child!

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Q: Can you put a car seat in the front seat if the car is only a 2 seater no back seat?
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How many seat in a mk1 fait punto?

5, there are 2 in the front and a 3 seater in the back

Can you carry four passengers in a five seater car?

Yes, two in the front and two in the back seat.

Does the Chevy Corvette have a back seat?

No, it is a 2 seater sports car.

What is a back seater?

A back seater refers to a person who sits in the back seat of a vehicle, typically in the passenger seat. This term is often used in the context of cars or taxis where there may be multiple passengers. In aviation, a back seater refers to a person who sits in the rear cockpit of a two-seat aircraft, usually in a training or observation role.

Did they ever make a Corvette with a back seat?

yes they did make a 4 seater corvette.

Does 1965 impala convertible have back seat seat belts?

The 1965 came with lap belts for the front seat only. This was a new law for 1965 and only required front belts.

Is the a seat Squab the seat back or the seat front?

it's seat front

When can a child sit in the front seat of a two seater with no air bags?

same as anyother car 5 feet tall.

When can a child sit in front seat of two seater in California?

In California, a child must be at least 8 years old or at least 4 feet 9 inches tall to legally sit in the front seat of a vehicle with only two seats. However, it is recommended to always follow safety guidelines and have children sit in the back seat whenever possible to minimize the risk of injury in case of a car accident.

Can a four year old sit in the front seat of a two seater car?

There is no law stating that a child has to ride in the rear seat of a vehicle. For safety reasons, it is better for a child to ride in the rear seat due to the fact of many recorded deaths involving children and airbags.

Are seat belts required in Japan?

Yes they are but only in the front seats, not in the back.

Is there a front and back seat in a 2000 camaro?

theres no front seat...Idiot. theres no front seat...Idiot.