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some vehicles such as gm , keys can be learned off of a master key. Chrysler and Ford require two working keys to add more. more info at keyprokeys@Yahoo,com

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Q: Can you program transponder key if you have working key?
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Can you program a new transponder key for a Toyota Camry without the original transponder key?

The dealership can generally program a new transponder key based on the VIN. Most good locksmiths can reproduce the key, but would need the original to do so.

How do you program the transponder key in 2012 Camry?

how to program 2012 toyota fortuner

How do you program my transponder key?

I don't program your transponder key. Try taking it back to a garage of the same type as your car e.g ford and they may be able to provide some help.

How do I program a Toyota matrix transponder key?

A Toyota Matrix transponder key is factory programed. At times this programing can fail. It is a quick process for the dealership to reprogram the key. A lost key and transponder will cost approximately $100 to replace depending on model.

How do you program a dodge stratus transponder chip key?

Go to your Chrysler dealer and ask them to program it.

How do you program a blank key for Mitsubishi endeavor 2006?

You can program a blank key for Mitsubishi Endeavor 2006 using Transponder Key Blank Fits.

Does your 2002 jeep liberty have a transponder key system?

Yes they do. You can program the keys yourself if you have 2 working keys. If you don't then you need to go to a locksmith or a dealership.

How do you program a transponder key for a 2007 Toyota Camry?

You can't. Only a Toyota dealer can program the transponder key as it has a chip inside the key and has to communicate with the engine in order to start the car. Toyota dealer charges 1/2 hour of labor about $42 to program. Now the remote is easy...but not the key.

How do you program a transponder key for a 2005 Nissan?

Programmer and PIN code required

How do i program a transponder key for a jeep liberty if you only have the 1 key?

The dealer has to use his scan tool to do it.

How do you program a Toyota Rav4 transponder key?

To program a Toyota rav4 tansponder Key one must go to settings. Once in settings there is a programming button that will allow you to program the key.

How do you program a 2005 Tacoma transponder key?

im guessing you need a flux capacitor......