Can you mount a 225-60r16 tire on a 215-65r16 rim?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, you can mount 225-60r16 tires on a rim made for 215-65r16 tires.

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Q: Can you mount a 225-60r16 tire on a 215-65r16 rim?
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Can you use 215-70R15 to replace 215-65R16?

No, 21570R15 the 15 means that tire fits on a 15 inch rim 21565R16 the 16 means 16 inch rim.

What is the function of wheel rim?

It provides a mount for the tire.

Can you fit a 15 inch tire on a 15.5 rim?

You cannot mount a 15 inch tire on a 15.5 inch rim.

Will a P195 65 R15 tire fit on a 14 inch rim?

No, the R15 means that it is a radial tire and the 15 is the rim size. Never try to mount a tire and a rim that are different sizes.

Can you mount a 2.0 wide mountain bike tire on a rim that came with a 1.9 wide tire?

Of course you can.

How do you fit a radial tire to its rim?

On a machine specifically designed to mount tires on a wheel.

How do you mount a car tire?

Mounting a tire on a rim by hand is extremely difficult. I would suggest taking it to a shop and having them do it.

Will serpentine belt make your car shake if it is cracked or worn?

no that would be a mount or a tire or a rim.

When mounting a tire on a big rig rim if you apply grease or oil to the seam of the tire to mount easier and if you break hard will rim stop but tire still roll?

No, because inflation moves the edge of the tire outwards on the rim so it becomes tight.

Will 22560r16 fit 2009 Chevy Cobalt or will they rub the fender well?

the last two digits, the 16, indicate the rim size. as long as the rims size matches, your tire will fit (and lets be reasonable here, I'm not talking putting mudding tires on a car...)

How can you put a tire back on the rim?

Take the tire and the rim to a tire shop. It requires special equipment to properly replace the tire and balance the rim.

How do you get tires that are 31 x 10.5 on to a 17 rim?

Any tire shop can mount and balance those tires for you