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Kinda-sorta. Some cars may overheat eventually when there's no airflow going through the radiator and the engine bay. Others may not run quite clean, which can cause soot to build up throughout the exhaust system. But a few minutes shouldn't be a problem.

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Q: Can you idle a car without hurting the motor?
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Why did your car start going without you stepping on the gas pedal?

because all vehicles have an idle. Without an idle your car would not stay running.

What causes car to vibrate when ac is running but only when in idle?

Fast idle motor is not working. This is allowing the idle to fall below the threshold of what it should be when the A/C is on.

Can an idle car engine be daming to your car motor?

sitting with your car on at an idle is bad over time...the motor starts to overheat because no cold air is coming in and the engine will use all the engine coolant trying to cool itself.. turn your car off if you are stopped for a long period!!!

On coldstart up car stalls97buick lasaber?

IF car will run when you gas it, could be the idle air control motor

How will a car run with a defective iac motor?

Poorly, it may idle to high or not at all.

What does an idle control sensor do on a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

it controls idling of car engine, without it it will not idle..

What is an ICV?

An icv is an idle control valve. It controls the idle of the car (without the accelerator pedal depressed).

Can you put tape on a car without hurting the paint?

Yes , but what kind of tape

When I start a 1996 Monte Carlo with the 3.4 DOHC motor it has an idle speed of 1000 rpms is that normal for this motor?

that would be good for the cold idle and should drop three times as the car warms up and should idle about 650 to 800 auto trans

Why would a Chevy Cavalier vibrate or shake when is sitting still?

Im betteing one of your motor mounts is broken and making the car shake. does the engine move when you gun it in neutral? ajust the idle of the car. The car has no idle ajustment it is controled by the PCM check the motor mounts and check your idle control motor. Also have you intake and plentium checked and cleaned also run some fuel injector cleaner every tank full. dirt420ba BE SAFE!!!!!

Why would a car shake at stop lights?

Engine miss or rough idle, or broken motor mount

Why does my car idle without overheating but overheats when driven?

possible radiator resrtiction