Can you go to jail for repossession?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no unless your not apart of a the program

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Q: Can you go to jail for repossession?
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Can you go to jail if you have auto repossession?

yes,you may be catched by cops.

Can you go to jail if you can't afford to pay the balance owed on a repossession and have no real property?

NO, there are no more debtors prisons.

Can you got to jail for keeping a car from a title loan repossession?

yes you can

In South Carolina can you go to jail if you are unable to pay the balance remaining for a repossession that was sold at auction?

No, we no longer have slavery or debtor's prisons. It's unconstitutional.

Can you go to jail for hiding a car that is out for repossession?

YES, concealing mortaged property is a felony in most states. It is one of the lenders many legal options.

If vehicle is in repossession phase and you are pulled over will you go to jail for auto theft?

No. Not if the circumstances are as simple as stated. Repossession is a civil law procedure, not involving criminal law -UNLESS- the vehicle HAD already been re-possessed and you went and took it back from the repossession impound lot, or the repossession agent or the bank. If it had already been taken and impounded then, yes, you could be charged with auto theft.

Can you go to jail for not surrendering the vehicle during repossession?

No you cant be taken to jail for that you have done no crimes at all it is not a crime not being able to pay your car even if you do it on purpose, not paying for the vehicle. Other wise allot of people would be taken to jail especially now with the economy down.

Can you be threatened with repossession for having been arrested?

You being arrested has no bearing on your loan. As long as you make the payments on time there will be no repossession. The loan company does not care if you are in jail as long as they get their money.

Can someone go to jail for not turning in a car that's up for repossession in the state of Texas?

Yes. It's called hindering a secured creditor. Sometimes, depending on the value of the vehicle, it is a state jail felony. It's in the Texas Penal Code under fraud.

Is it against the law to hide your car from being repossessed in Indiana?

It is against the law to hide your car from repossession in every state. It is called fraud, interfering with repossession, auto theft in some states. In Indiana it is routinely dealt with by replevin, an order from the court to surrender the property or go to jail and surrender the property.

Can a car repossession in Tennessee result in jail time?

NOT just for a simple repo NO. IF there are other complications added to the repo, maybe.

Can they put you in jail for having a lean on your car?

No, the lender can not have you put in jail because they have a lien on you car. They can press charges against you in many states if your vehicle is up for repossession and you attempt to hide it or hinder the agency hired to secure it from recovering your car. Or, if the lender secures a replevin and you still refuse to turn over the vehicle, you will go to jail then for contempt of court.