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Usually not, but the answer does depend upon how you were driving around. A LEO may, at his/her discretion, issue a warning citation which will only require a trip to the local vehicle administration to purchase a new sticker.

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Q: Can you go to jail for Driving around with an expired inspection sticker?
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Your car got totaled will the insurance company pay for it if though the inspection sticker is expired?

Yes. The reason being is insurance covers the car not the person. So whether that person chooses to drive around with an expired license or an expired plate sticker is on them. You will still get a ticket for those violations, but you will have insurance and the insurance company will abide by everything in the insurance contract.

What fine is cheaper in Pennsylvania no inspection sticker or expired sticker?

no inspection sticker... Neither is cheaper. Both are the same. Ref PA Title 75 CH 4703. The fine is a sliding fine set by the local judge, $0-$25, + costs. The costs alone are in the area of $80. Expect to pay around $100. The good news is that you can drive the car for an additional 24hrs after getting a ticket and you cannot be given a second ticket during that 24hrs.

What are the consequences of driving without inspection in PA?

Fine around $200

Why does1996 Jaguar Vandenplas with new ecm obdII says systems not ready when connected to New York emission inspection machine?

I had this problem last winter, after resetting the obd the engine has to go through several different driving scenarios before the sensors will reset, usually 40 miles of varying driving conditions. in new york you can pass with 3 not ready on a 96. The problem is it has to be done when the outside air temp is greater than 55F. I ended up driving for over 3000 miles and it still wouldn't reset, but the first day in late feb when the temp was 60+ it reset on a short trip. Always get your inspection done in the summer months so you don't have to drive around with a expired inspection sticker waiting for a warm day!If you would like me to send you the suggested driving scenarios that the NYDMV sent me let me know.

What is the penalty for expired license plates in NC?

I just talked to a State Trooper today because I am considering driving my brother's car out of state with the tags expired (over a year). He told me that the fine was around $140 dollars. Hope this helps.

How many miles does it take to reset computer in Honda Odyssey?

Hi I got a '97 Odyssey from my brother since it had been sitting in his driveway unused for several months. I had work done on the brakes and front end. After which I took it for an inspection sticker. The guy put a REJECTED sticker on it. He said that I had to drive it around 80 miles and it would reset. I did and went back and it was fine: Got my sticker!

What is the tire pressure for ford festiva?

should be around 30psi look for a sticker on your door jamb and do fill the the max pressure printed on the tires sidewall, that could lead to a very uncomfortable ride and dangerous driving conditions.

Where can one find information about sticker painting?

Sticker painting is getting a template for art as a sticker and painting it around it. One can find information on it by visiting the site wisegeek and looking at the art section of the site.

If your parent is not driving anymore and his license is expired but he still has a car and carries insurance on it for others to drive him around what should you do to be perfectly legal?

Make sure you are covered on his policy .. and make sure you have a valid driver's license (and tags).

How do you reset inspection bmw325?

go to dealer (you will have to pay probably $45) or buy a inspection reset tool (around $190)

What is the serpentine belt routing for a 94 oldsmoble cutlass supr?

There should be a sticker under the hood right around the lever to open it, the sticker shows you the correct way.

What if you get pulled over in a rental car?

Moving violations are considered to stick to the driver of the car, and not the car itself. Anything you do while driving a rental car is still your responsibility.Things like expired tags are, of course, the fault of the rental agency. The car probably has valid registration, but the branch hasn't gotten around to putting the new sticker on the license plate or the windshield yet (it happens).You can explain to the police that the car is a rental, and there may or may not be a registration paper in the car's glovebox showing the rental agency as owner. Even if there is not, the fact that the car is a rental should be pretty obvious since most of them have a bar code sticker on a window, and such cars will be in good repair and unadorned.