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The policy number is the number assigned to an insurance policy. I certainly hope that there are no people on here that will give you a policy number as an example.

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Q: Can you give us some of the samples of a policy number?
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Who is covered on a fleet policy?

"Fleet Policy" rules are defined by the insurance company. Some common rules:Drivers must be employed by the company to be covered (some exceptions are possible)All Drivers to be covered must supply a Drivers Record for reviewThe insurance Company will have final decision on what drivers will be permitted to drive company vehiclesIt is possible to get Fleet coverage on Loaner vehicles for repair facilities, but it is silly expensive.It is possible for a Repair shop to have a Fleet policy that covers customer vehicle's.

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If someone drove your car and hit someone can you be sued?

Possibly. Being the owner of the vehicle, you assumed some of the responsibiliy when you loaned it to the other person. A lot of it depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident, though. Contact your insurance company and give them all the facts regarding the accident, and they can give you a more detailed answer. I would also advise you to get a copy of the accident report before you contact them, which you can get from the police precinct or sheriffs department that worked the accident. yes you can. anyone who drives your car is using your insurance unless you have insurance that covers any driver. Yes, as stated above, it is possible for you to be sued. But, it can still depend on the circumstances of the accident, the type of policy you have, and even whether or not that person had your permission to drive your car. Check your policy for any exclusions, as well as liability limitations.

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Not necessarily. Vehicles must be listed on the policy and a premium paid for the coverages desired. Some companies give a certain number of days coverage when you purchase a new vehicle and some do not provide coverage until you notify them to add the new vehicle to the policy.

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