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Depends on state.

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2010-07-12 04:48:39
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Q: Can you get your license at 17 without a permit?
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Can you get your drivers license without a permit at 17 and a half in California?

no you need to have a permit for a year and a day if you are 17, but if you are eighteen then you can get a license without it

Can a 17 year old drive to school and work on a permit in ga?

no, if you're 17 you can get your license without having your permit. but if you don't have your license.... no driving by yourself!

Can you be 17 and get your license without a permit?

You are going to require a permit before they will allow you to take the road test. You cannot get a license without taking the road test.

Can you get your license at 17 without a learners permit?

Not if you do not know how to spell"out" the right way.

Can you get a Colorado license at 17 without a permit?

No. Colorado has a graduated licensing system.

Can a 17 year old get their drivers license without having a permit?

No, in most states, no matter how old you are you must have your permit before you can obtain a driver's license.

Do you need a permit to get your license when you are 18?

from what i know at the age of 17 if i am inform correct you can obtain your license with out a permit.

Driving without a learners permit?

Drivingt without a learners permit, and without a license, would constitute 'driving without a license' which is a misdemeanor offense.

How do you get license without permit?

you cant

What age do you get your drivers license in NJ?

you get your permit at 16 and your license at 17

Can you get a license without getting a permit first?


Can you be 18 and get your license without a permit?


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