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Sure you can, just like insuring any other personal property.

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Q: Can you get insurance on a car without it being registered?
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Can you get car insurance without the car being registered?

Yes. Most insurance will refer to the car by VIN number, and not by license plate.

Do you need insurance if the car is not registered?

there is never a bad time to have insurance. Yes, you should regardless if the car is registered or not.

Can you get insurance on a car without it being regristered?

You can insure a car for it's value or any amount you want. It does not have to be registered. If you are storing a car in a garage for a long period of time, it is a good idea to insure it against and damage.

Do you need to buy auto insurance in NJ if the car is not being driven and is just sitting in a garage?

If the car is registered, meaning that it has license plates, it must have liability insurance. If you hace a loan, the bank probably requires insurance. If it is just sitting on private property without tags, no insurance needed.

What is the Law for driving without car insurance in Virginia?

If your car is registered in VA and you live there, and they find out that it's not insured, they will fine you $500 PER CAR for not having insurance. They'll find out eventually.

Do you have to be the registered owner of a car to get insurance on it?

Yes. Only a registered owner of a car can get the insurance. The insurance policy document and registration documents of a car both should be in a name of one person. The mismatching of documents leads to legal complications. So it is important to ensure that to get insurance, you have to be the registered owner of a car.

Do you need insurance for a car that's not being driven?

If you want to keep it registered and keep the plates, yes.

Do you need insurance to get a car registered?


Can you get insurance and plates if you're not on the registration of a car?

No. The car must be registered to you.

Can an insurance company charge you monthly for insurance even if you have not registered the car?


Can you get auto insurance with no vehicle registered in your name?

If you OWN a car it can be insured.If it is to be driven it must be registered correctly for the insurance to be validI have an antique sports car that has not been driven or registered for two years, but it is insured.

Can you trade a car without it being registered?

Yes, as long as you have the title or transfer of ownership registration.