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You can only have red lights on the rear of your car. And blue lights are illegal to use on any car on the street they are only for emergency vehicles

blue lights are for police only

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Q: Can you get in trouble for having red and blue lights on your car?
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What is the rheostat on your car?

to dim the lights in your car.

Why are police car lights red on the left and blue on the right side?

For the same reason airplanes have red lights on the left and blue lights on the right. If, in a poor vision situation, two police cars (or any emergency vehicle for that matter) are some distance apart and racing down a highway (or two planes in the sky) and see the flashing lights of another directly in front of them, they know by placement of the lights whether they are following the other or are in a head-on situation.

Street lights that use high pressure sodium vapor produce light that is mainly yellow with some red why are dark blue police cars not advisable in a community that uses these street lights?

When illuminated with white sunlight, a dark blue police car reflects mostly dark blue - which you see - and absorbs all the rest, such as red, green etc. It is similar with any object of some color. If the light comes from a sodium light which is mostly just yellow and some red, there is basically no blue to reflect from the car which, in the spectrum between red and blue, reflects only blue. Therefore the car will appear black or rather very dark and hard to see.

What are all the lights on a car and their functions?

the headlights- for the driver to see in fount of the car. indicators- so other cars can see where the car is going brake lights- so the other cars can see when a car ahead of them is slowing down interior lights- for passengers in the car to see what is inside the car and when u press that button with all the triangles on they all flash (except the interior lights) to signal the car is broken or somthing. :D

Why would the parking lights stay on after the car is put into park and the engine is turned off?

if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

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Can a police car have only red lights?

No, depending on the state or jurisdiction involved in addition to only having red lights, they may also be equipped with only blue lights orin some areas a combination of blue and red, or blue, and red and white.

Why is your car having trouble starting?

first of all what kind of car ?

Is it illegal to have lights in your car if your not a cop?

blue only

Is it illegal to have blue lights on your car in Kentucky?

no it is not.. but it is if they are blinking!

Can a police car follow you without their blue lights on?

A police car can generally follow you anywhere you can drive, warning lights on or otherwise.

Does the halogen lights help better on a car?

if it's those blue lights dont use them there iliegell

What colour are police lights in the UK?

Police lights in the UK are blue only, unlike in the USA where they are blue on one side of the car and red on the other.

Can you put blue under body lights on your car?

Laws on this vary by jurisdiction.

How do you change dashboard lights from orange to blue in my 05 Peugeot 206cc?

Changing the dashboard lights from orange to blue in an 05 Peugeot 206cc is rather easy. Make sure you have the blue lights ready. Simply lift the hood of your car and unscrew the lights from behind, and replace them.

Are neon lights under a car legal in Texas?

Red, white, and blue neon lights under a car are not legal in the state of Texas due to the fact they can be mistaken for emergency vehicles. Any other color of neon light is legal in the state of Texas, but you can still be pulled over for having them.

What lights do police put on when they are responding an emergency?

Locally to me, the blue bar on the top of the car flashes (in some other states, I believe police use red lights, or red and blue) the headlights flash and the tail lights flash.

Where can you get red and blue lights for a the grill of a car?

any lights on the front of a passenger vehicle ie not an emergency vehicle can only be amber of clear

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