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Yes, many state highways have a minimum speed limit.

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Q: Can you get a ticket for going under the speed limit in California?
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How much is a speeding ticket in California for going 86 mph on the freeway 65 mph limit?

A speeding ticket in California for going 86 mph on the freeway in a 65 mph speed limit varies from $180-$200. The fine can be reduced by going to a drivers training class by $30.

If you are 16 and have gotten your first ticket for going 11 mph over the speed limit how much will your insurance go up?

In California, its $359.

How much will as speeding ticket cost going 72mph on a 35mph zone in Long Beach California?

Probably a lot. You doubled the speed limit.

What will a ticket cost in Shelbyville Illinois going 38 mniles over the speed limit?

38 miles over the speed limit in Shelbyville, Illinois what will the cost of the ticket be?

How much is a speeding ticket for 9 mph over speed limit in California?

The fine for a speeding ticket for 9mph over the speed limit in California is $234.00. Tickets that occur in a construction or school zone can be assessed up to $350, depending on the area.

If you see a flash of light from those signs your going this speed limit signs that are over the speed limit sign will you automatically get a ticket?

you do durgsx

How much does a ticket for exceeding maximum speed limits cost in Pennsylvania?

Exceeding the maximum speed limit in Pennsylvania is 30+ mph over the speed limit. I was going 31 over the speed limit and received a ticket for $190.00. Depending on the area, the ticket could be more or less, but I wouldn't think it would be cheap.

How much will the speeding ticket in California be if you are going 9 miles per hour over the speed limit?

Roughly around $250 here in San Diego! CA

How much will a ticket cost going 95 in a 70 mph?

it depends what the speed limit is

Can you get a speeding ticket going through an advisory speed limit?

You can be ticketed for failure to adjust speed to traffic conditions.

How fast was i going to get a 200.00 speeding ticket?

You were going too fast and exceeding the limit set for that road.The speeding ticket will show exactly what speed you were travelling.

Speeding ticket cost in California for going 105 in a 70?

16 to 25 mph over the speed limit is $380, and under that is $280