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Yes, you can get a SPEEDING ticket for driving too slow !

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Q: Can you get a ticket for driving slower than the posted speed limit?
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What is the minimun speed law?

Just as in most places you can be fined for driving faster than the posted maximum speed limit, in some places you can be fined for driving slower than the posted minimum speed.

If a speeding ticket says over posted limit but there was no posted limit does this make the ticket void?

No it will not void the ticket. There are standard speed limits set by state statute which must be obeyed whether they are posted or not. Exceeding these can result in a violation.

When you are driving on a freeway posted for 65 mph and most of the other vehicles are driving 70 mph or faster you may legally drive?

65. If the legally posted limit is 65 the limit is 65. Just because other drivers are going 70 only means they are breaking the law. There is no law that says you can go 10 mph above the posted limit before a ticket can be issued. You can get a ticket for going 1 mph faster than the posted limit. Most policy will not issue a citation for a small amount but legally they can.

When you are driving can you exceed the posted speed limit?

no, but people do it anyway, that's why we have speeding tickets! not in areas where it says photo enforced but on ahighway it is okay to exceed the speed limit by 5 with out get a ticket

Will a speeding ticket in Florida affect your driving license in North Carolina?

It is important to drive the safe speed limit that is posted. A speeding ticket in Florida will add points to a North Carolina license.

Can you get a ticket for slower driving if driving 55 from mesquite Nevada to beaver dam on interstate 15 in Arizona if beaver dam Arizona is 8 miles from mesquite Nevada and speed is 75?

In Texas you can be ticketed for driving too slow. But, it's rare unless a minimum speed is posted. When you go dangerously slow such that you are impeding traffic and cars are stacking up behind you they can ticket you for reckless driving but this is rare. If you are driving slower then the speed limit you should stay in the right lane unless turning left or passing a slower vehicle. In any event, 55 mph doesn't seem like an unreasonably slow speed, so you're probably all right.

How much is a speeding ticket in Santa Barbara County CA for driving 69 in a 40 limit road?

It is important for safety reasons to drive at the posted speed limit. For going 69 in a 40 limit, a person can lose their license, and pay $300+ for the ticket, depending on court costs, fees and taxes.

If the posted speed is not safe at that time can be cited for driving at the posted speed limit?

You can be ticketed for traveling at an unsafe speed regardless of the speed limit.

What does a 106A speeding ticket cost in nova scotia?

106A is just driving over the speed limit. The fine depends on a) how much over the limit you are driving, and b) whether or not you have received a previous citation for this offense. The fines range from $227 (first offense, driving from 1 to 15 kph over posted limit) to $2,412.41 (third or subsequent offense, driving more than 31 kph over the posted limit in a school, construction or other special zone [doubled fine])

When you should enter a curve slower than the posted speed limit?

Road conditions are slippery

What is the maximum fine for a first time reckless driving ticket?

I think it depends on what state you live in. I don't know where you are from but in the state I live in, you'd be LUCKY to just get a ticket and a fine, because the police CAN and WILL take you to jail for driving that many mph over the posted limit.

What happens when you get a speeding ticket at the age of 16?

By how much did you exceed the posted speed limit?

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