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Yes, if it's mixed 50/50 or weaker. But I would get a powder type leak stop from the parts store and put in it until you can get it seen about if you are going to continue driving it while it's leaking and keep a close check on coolant level and engine temperature.

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Q: Can you drive your car when you smell coolant burning?
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Can smell coolant burning from car tailpipe?


Is it safe to drive your car with burning smell from exhaust?

No. have exhaust checked/repaired

Why would there be smell coming from the front of the car?

Could be overheated coolant or just leaked oil burning off your exhaust headers

What does car smoke smell of?

It all depends if the car is running lean or rich, if its burning oil, if its burning coolant. a clean running car doesn't really have a strong smell. By the way, exhaust fumes are toxic. It contains carbon monoxide and it is highly toxic. So don't go around smelling car smoke.

What about a burning Smell from brakes?

A burning smell from a car's brakes means that you are braking very hard or there is a electrical short circuit in the car. Another reason for a burning smell may actually be coming from the car's heater.

Why does manual car smell like burning rubber?

Because your burning your clutch.

What causes a burning smell from car ac?

Several thing scan cause a burning smell from a car A/C. One cause can be that the compressor is burning up. Another possibility is a wiring shortage.

New car burning smell?

The new car burning smell is probably just the oils burning off the engine. As the engine warms up for the first time, it will release a odor that smells like something is burning.

What does it mean when your car has white smoke coming out of the front driver side it smell like burning rubber and it won't wont speed up as fast as it used to onn the highway?

White smoke is a sign of coolant entering the combustion chamber or leaking onto the exhaust and burning. Coolant in the combustion chamber is almost always cause by a blown head gasket or cracked head. This will destroy your engine if you continue to drive it.

Why would a car smoke from under the hood and smell like antifreeze burning?

You probably have a coolant leak. answer The coolant is most likely leaking onto the engine of your car, causing the white smoke.

How do you make a car overheat?

drive it without coolant

Can you drive your car without water but coolant Like you have coolant but no water in the water tank?