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There are only seven states that allow open containers in a vehicle and Ohio is not one of them. These states are Connecticut, Arkansas, Delaware, Missouri, Mississippi, Virginia, and West Virginia. Driving with a passenger drinking a beer in Ohio could result in a very stiff fine.

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Q: Can you drive with a passenger drinking beer in Ohio?
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Can you drive a car after drinking a 12 pack of beer?

No you can't. You should not drink and drive.

Can you drive in Virginia with a passenger drinking beer?

Most states have open container laws that state its a no no. You will not get the ticket the passenger will but you will be hasseled for searches and checks that you dont need. Where ever you are driving to, if the person with you can abstain for that amount of time, dont drive them in your car. What if you get in an accident and have to prove you werent drinking, if someone gets severely hurt. It is your car you make the rules...

When did Ohio do away with 3.2 percent beer?

Up until 1935 the drinking age in Ohio was 16. Then in 1935 it was raised to 18. You could buy 3.2 beer at 18 until 1982 when they did away with 3.2 percent alcohol beer and raised the drinking age to 19 for 6% beer only (nothing stronger like wine or liquor). In 1987 the legal age in Ohio was raised to 21 for anything.

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You can buy beer anywhere and anytime in Ohio on Sunday. Enjoy!

If a passanger has an open container who gets the ticket?

It depends on what state you are in. In Ohio, it is a Minor Misdemeanor, meaning only up to a $100 fine may be levied. No jail time. Whatever state you are in, just google the question making sure your state name is in the question. You should have something come up to help you. In Ohio, for instance, all laws are listed in the Ohio Revised Code. Hope this helps.

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You can't be serious. Answer: Of course not, if it was legal, you would not have been cited.

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