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Q: Can you drive the car home after purchase without a license plate?
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When purchasing a new car how long can you drive it without the license plates?

It depends on your area. Most places will require you to get a temporary plate within 48 hours of the new purchase.

Can you drive a vehicle in G Georgia without a license plate?

yes if you have insurance, you have 30 days

Do you need a license plate on a car you do not drive?

you can drive if you dont have a license plate on your have to get one of those temporary plates.

Where can one purchase a license plate cover?

One can purchase a licence plate cover at Walmart, AutoZone or Target. One can also purchase a license plate cover online at Amazon, Pronto or Dennis Cook.

Can you drive a 110cc pocket bike on the street if you get a license plate and get it registered?

no, you have to have a liscense and be vover 16, get it registered, and have a license plate to drive it on the street or sidewalk.

Where do you attach a front license plate on a Jeep Liberty?

You need to purchase a license plate mount. Once that's attached, the plate can be affixed to the mount.

In philippines you can drive your car not all the day depending of the number of your license plate?

In Philippines, you can drive your car not all the days of the week depending on the number of your license plate.

If you sell your car and want to keep your tags for future car what do you do?

You can keep your license plate, when you sell the car. The license plate is attached to your name. When you purchase another card you can use the license plate.

When do you need to purchase a license plate sticker?

usually on your birthday

Driving a used car home after buying used car without license plate?

In Michigan you can drive the car home without license plate after buying it. However you need a proof of insurance and the title document. You need to have the car title transferred to your name within 15 days.

Does license plate stay on car when sold?

The license plate is yours and does not stay on the car when it is sold. Sometimes sellers allow the buyer to use the plate to drive home, but in general you should bring your own license plate for used car sales.

Can you apply a temporary license plate without title in Wisconsin?

You should have a title in your name with a lien on it, at least, to obtain a license plate.